Amici 2021, Celentano and the past with Serena: the secret bond

Alessandra Celentano Amici

Few know the link between Alessandra Celentano and Serena, competitor of "Amici"

Serena, dancer of Amici 2021, and Alessandra Celentano already knew each other. This is demonstrated by some photos that appeared on Instagram, many on the dancer's profile, which tell about their relationship. In fact, the young woman studied with the teacher of Maria De Filippi's show and over the years the two met often.

In the first photo appeared on Instagram, Serena is very small while training at the bar with Celentano. The teacher indicates to the little girl the right position to take, while she appears very concentrated. On the profile of the dancer there are other shots including one, made in 2017, in which Serena smiles together with Alessandra. “The most beautiful of all”, reads the caption. The photo would have been taken during an event in which Celentano would have awarded the girl a scholarship as part of a national competition.

Great talent and impeccable preparation, Serena is among the most popular competitors of this edition of Amici. Her entry into the school was greeted with great enthusiasm by Celentano, certain that she will have a long career in the world of dance thanks to her skill. In her career on the show, however, Serena has shown that she has all the credentials to achieve success. Her performances are always impeccable and it is nice to discover how the relationship with Celentano, made up of esteem and affection, has grown day by day in talent.

A few days ago Serena had told the pain of bullying experienced in the past and the love for dance, practiced since she was two and a half years old, able to save her. "At school there were those who threatened me, they broke the objects I lent – he said -. At dance they told me that I was obese, with thick thighs and that I was not a dancer. I didn't eat anymore, or I ate and went to the bathroom to throw up. I counted the penne on the plate: they must have been 26, 27 were too many. I put the tuna, without seasoning. Then I left everything and went back down, I resumed taking lessons with my teacher who is also a psychologist. Our lessons lasted ten minutes – he added – because I walked into the room, looked in the mirror and started crying. Slowly I tried to regain my body and self-esteem, at least to the level of looking in the mirror, but not in the face. I always speak with my head down, it seems shy but it is not ”.

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