Amici 2021, Cuccarini-Celentano immediately clashed. And Arisa makes a gaffe

Amici 2021, è subito scontro Cuccarini-Celentano. E Arisa fa una gaffe

The evening phase of "Amici 2021" opens: the first episode is full of twists and turns and great emotions

The Evening of Amici 2021 has finally begun, one of the most anticipated events of the year. Maria De Filippi returned on Saturday evening with a fun and exciting show, which sees many young talents ready to stage their skills in the hope of being able to snatch a passage towards the final.

The first episode of the evening turned out to be a real riot of surprises and emotions, but there were moments of great tension. After introducing the judges, who for this new edition are Stefano De Martino, Emanuele Filiberto and Stash, the presenter called the first team to face the numerous and insidious challenges of Amici 2021 on stage. honor to open the dances fell to the team led by Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi: both ready and fierce, they chose to compete against the team of Lorella Cuccarini and Arisa.

From the very first moment, the dynamics already seen during the afternoon returned. In particular, the rivalry between Celentano and Cuccarini has strongly returned to the surface during the first challenges of their boys. The first round saw Enula compete against Martina (who performed in a choral performance), with the latter winning. But it is the second round that has made the atmosphere incandescent: Alessandra Celentano has in fact thrown down the gauntlet, asking Rosa to dance a particularly difficult can can against Serena – who has a classic approach behind her.

Cuccarini refused to allow her girlfriend to perform this performance, judging the choreography too classic and unfair. As per regulation, the ball was therefore passed to the three judges: if they too considered the match unfair, Celentano would have had to choose another choreography. On the contrary, Rosa would have lost at the table. With two votes in favor of Lorella's idea, the gauntlet was changed. But Alessandra was not at all happy, and a rather heated clash was born between the two professors.

Tempers subsided only after the performance, which saw Serena earn the first point for her team. The third challenge turned out to be the decisive one: Sangiovanni and Tancredi, both excellent singers, took sides. And this is where Arisa ran into a little gaffe. In introducing his pupil, he praised him at length, concluding with a heartfelt wish: “Forza Sangiovanni!”. Too bad that her boyfriend was Tancredi … Fortunately, with great sportsmanship, everyone laughed at the mistake.

The challenge decreed the victory of Sangiovanni and, consequently, of the Celentano-Zerbi team. De Filippi has announced a direct elimination, with three members of the team of Arisa and Lorella Cuccarini. The judges were asked to choose between Gaia, Rosa and Tancredi: to have the worst was the first, a very young singer who arrived at Amici 2021 only a few weeks ago.

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