Amici 2021, Elena D'Amario's confession: "I put love aside"

Amici 2021, Elena D'Amario's confession: "I put love aside"

Elena D'Amario has confessed to the boys of the "Amici" school that she has put aside the love for her greatest passion

Who is Elena D’Amario, the dancer of Amici 2021

Elena D’Amario confessed during the episode of Amici Special, where she was a guest together with another professional dancer from the cast of the talent show, Giuseppe Giofrè. The two talked to the school children about their experience after the program, about their projects in America and how their life has changed after Amici.

The students were able to ask them questions and one in particular, posed by Aka7even, highlighted the love life of D'Amario. After the end of the relationship with Enrico Nigiotti, with whom she had an affair while they were both competitors to Amici, the dancer wanted to maintain the confidentiality of her ties.

Yet according to gossip and rumors it seems that Elena was engaged to fellow dancer Alessio La Padula. There has never been an official confirmation of the relationship and not even on their social profiles had there been any signs of this amorous liason, but the two had been spotted several times together, especially last summer.

Always very reserved, the dancer has never let herself go to big confessions about her private life, but in the face of the young singer's curiosity she decided to get naked and reveal that the relationship with Alessio ended some time ago.

At the boy's question, first he pretended to want to go away and look around a bit, making it seem like it was a sore point, but then he decided to answer, explaining that to follow his greatest passion, that of dance, he had to make great sacrifices:

Love is an important, fundamental thing. Before when I talked about choices, the choice was precisely to put it aside. It is a very intense life that you cannot do without perseverance and tenacity. Then I am of the idea that love happens when it happens, there are no oceans and there are no distances. But it is so difficult, for me it is difficult to find love.

It seems that at the moment Elena D'Amario's heart is full only of love for dance and for the many projects that await her and that – at least for now – there is no room for anything else.

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