Amici 2021, Lucio Presta argues about the public

Maria De Filippi

Lucio Presta comments on the presence of the public at "Amici 2021" after the first episode of the show

Lucio Presta argues about the public at Amici 2021 after the long debate regarding the audience of Sanremo 2021. After the first episode of the Maria De Filippi show, the VIP agent posted a tweet, noting the presence of the public in the broadcast.

“Red zone throughout Italy – he wrote -, Sanremo done totally without public, Minister Dario Franceschini what did I not understand about everything that is happening? Happy for Amici, but help us understand, was Sanremo the problem? Or did he want to make happy theater friends to whom he gave nothing? ”.

The presence of viewers in some Mediaset broadcasts had already ended up at the center of the debate in the past. To provide an answer some time ago it was Maria De Filippi who had revealed the reason for the presence of the public at C’è Posta per Te.

“I was lucky because we recorded mostly in a more favorable period – said the presenter, guest of Fabio Fazio -. They are all buffered, closed in a hotel both those who receive and those who send the mail. This year, when there was what there is, we didn't know. So we did this: whoever sent the mail was buffered and closed; the recipients, after receiving the mail, were buffered and closed. Someone was sent home. There will be no international guests ”.

Behind the presence of the public at Amici (but also at C'è Posta per Te) there would therefore be a strict protocol to be respected and the possibility of recording the episodes. Behind the scenes of the talent, therefore, the boys, the audience and the whole cast are subjected to continuous checks. A way not to eliminate a fundamental element of the broadcast, capable of encouraging competitors and reacting in the face of disputes or provocations. In the meantime, the first episode of the broadcast, which aired on Saturday 20 March, broke all records. The show recorded 6,016,000 spectators equal to 28.73% share, also reaching a peak of 7,064,724. “A creative and productive machine without equal – explained Giancarlo Scheri, director of Canale 5 who commented on the ratings -. A school for young artists, with a unique and formidable mentor: Maria De Filippi ”.

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