Amici 2021, Martina leaves Aka7even for Raffaele: tears and crisis

At "Amici 2021", Martina leaves Aka7even for Raffaele: the singer in tears despairs

At Amici 2021, Martina leaves Aka7even for Raffaele and the singer despairs, between tears and a deep crisis immortalized by the cameras. Not only tests to overcome and the judgment of the professors' commission, this year the competitors of Maria De Filippi's talent also find themselves dealing with feelings. In fact, the boys are all housed in the same house, captured by cameras. A formula that allows the birth of new loves and the public to follow their evolution.

Among the most important is the love born between Aka7even and Martina Miliddi. The singer and dancer started dating at the beginning of the school year, but in recent days Martina has expressed some doubts about their bond due to the feelings she begins to have for Raffaele Rende, another singer of Amici 2021. dancer therefore tried to clarify. First she moved away from Aka7even, then she got closer and closer to Raffaele.

"When I entered the house I noticed you but then he came forward and I never would have allowed myself – said Rende -. I think with head and heart but I make the head prevail. Would you feel like doing such a thing? ". Martina replied: “I do, because if that's what I feel I can't… I wonder what you feel”. Raffaele, however, did not give the girl certainties: “And I answer you again that I can't hear anything or I oblige myself not to hear anything”. Shortly afterwards Martina and Raffaele danced together, while Aka7even confided in his friend about the difficult time he had experienced with his girlfriend.

The singer then decided to be honest. “I can't help telling you – he began -. I know that Martina told me not to tell you, but she doesn't love you anymore and she doesn't know if she feels anything towards me. But I said it wouldn't be possible. She told me she wanted to be the one to tell you ”. Raffaele's words made Aka7even ice cream which melted into tears. "I knew it – he said throwing a punch against the wall -. It's serious, two days ago he told me he loves me ”.

After venting his anger, the singer of Amici 2021 has decided to face his girlfriend. Martina got angry with Raffaele and tried to explain her position to Aka7even. “I never said I don't love you anymore. I just needed time – he said -. I had to tell you things, not others. I can't explain what I don't understand. I can only explain what I understand. I understood that I am in love with you and not with him ”. The artist then chose to give her another chance: "But there is a problem, which I continue to love you too – he concluded -. I'll give you another chance. Know one thing: it may be the right time to start over ”.

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