Amici 2021, Martina's mother breaks the silence and denies it

Amici 2021, Martina

After the declarations of the dancer of "Amici 2021", Martina's mother breaks the silence and denies it

Amici 2021, the dancers and singers admitted to the evening

The mother of Martina Miliddi, dancer of Amici 2021, breaks the silence and denies some of her daughter's statements. After her elimination from the Maria De Filippi show, where she had to face numerous challenges, Martina returned to talk about the difficult relationship with her mother in a long interview with Verissimo.

Already during the show, the dancer had declared that she had suffered a lot for the death of her father and that she had found help only in her dance teacher. Martina's story, distant from her mother, had moved Lorella Cuccarini, so much so that during the journey in Amici's school, the teacher has always defended and supported the girl, also clashing with Celentano.

“Our relationship is silent, it's not a topic I'm talking about – he confessed in Silvia Toffanin's studio -. To date, I don't find it a recoverable relationship, I wouldn't want it to be part of my life. So many things have happened that led me to say this. I won't go into details. He didn't know I was going to join Amici's school, he never supported this side of me. My real mother is my dance teacher, who made me both dad and mom ”.

However, it was her mother, Rita Carracoi, who gave an interview to the weekly DiPiù, to deny the words of the dancer. "I don't understand why my daughter talks about me like that, but I don't blame her – he explained -. What I can say is that you have to live certain hells to understand what happens in the heart of those who remain. It was certainly hard for Martina to be suddenly orphaned of a father, but it was also hard for me to be without a husband. But I'm sure we will be able to clarify ourselves ”.

The woman then specified that it was not true that she did not know that Martina would participate in Amici 2021. “My daughter said that I did not know she was in Amici. Not so – he revealed -. I followed her day after day and I suffered from the criticisms that Celentano made of her. She didn't deserve them, Martina made immense sacrifices ”.

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