Amici 2021, Pettinelli furious with Aka7even: "You are a pacifier and presumptuous"

Amici 2021, Pettinelli furious with Aka7even: "You are a pacifier and presumptuous"

Anna Pettinelli gave a real lecture to Aka7even after the words of the singer in the house

In Amici's school, tension is skyrocketing, as shown by Anna Pettinelli's harsh outburst against Aka7even. The singing teacher was disappointed after listening to the utterances of her pupil with some companions in the house.

The young singer did not agree with the pieces chosen by his teacher, especially on the decision to side him with his workhorse Yellow. Pettinelli was particularly annoyed at being defined by her pupil as "crazy".

So the teacher, furious at the insults received by the boy, asked for a confrontation with him, and did not allow the boy to say a word.

“You told me I'm crazy, as I can think of, you said a whole series of insults. You went on for half an hour avidoncela with me, when the person with whom you have to have it is you! I am very disappointed, Luca. I'm really disappointed and fucked up black. Because if things go wrong, one must examine one's conscience and not blame others on it ".

Anna Pettinelli, increasingly furious with the young singer, then tried to make Aka7even understand that her choices are due to over forty years of experience in the music field. And he reminded the boy that the songs brought in the second episode of the evening were decided by him to compete against Sangiovanni.

"When you say 'He shouldn't have made me make it to the playoff' … And that I have a magic wand in your opinion? It is not my fault if the taste of the judges is more shifted towards Sangiovanni ”, underlined Pettinelli. His outburst went on for a long time: a lecture in all respects, which left the boy speechless: "You have to grow up Luca: I expected you to be a little more with the attributes".

But that's not all. Anna continued with her reproaches, launching a provocation to her pupil: “How do you think you can convince the judges if you are the first to fuck yourself in front of these things? You are pacifier and conceited! Less chatter, less complaining. You are twenty, you have this opportunity, you don't have another one. You're throwing away an opportunity! ".

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