Amici 2021, previews fifth episode: who will be eliminated

Maria De Filippi

New emotions and twists in the fifth episode of the Evening of "Amici 2021". Three beloved competitors will end up in the ballot

Amici 2021, the Evening: judges, teams and guests

What will happen in the fifth episode of Amici 2021? According to the first advances, the appointment with Maria De Filippi's show will be full of twists and turns with some of the most loved students at risk of elimination. If in the very first episodes there were two eliminated, for some time the talent mechanism has changed with three competitors going to the ballot and the eliminated one who is announced when they are already in the house, during the live broadcast.

One way to avoid spoilers and increase the wait. According to what reported by Il Vicolo delle News, during the first heat Tancredi lost the gauntlet against Sangiovanni, ending up in the ballot. While Serena was defeated by Alessandro and Raffaele by Deddy. In the second round of the second round Martina ended up, followed by Deddy who did not pass the last challenge.

Deddy, Martina and Tancredi therefore ended up at the final challenge of the fifth episode of the Evening of Amici 2021. The latter managed to escape thanks to the intervention of the jury. Aka7even hugged his friend, happy, while Sangiovanni was disappointed by the defeat of Deddy who went to the ballot with Martina. The announcement of the elimination was given to the boys in the house. The public will find out who will have to drop out of school only in the episode of Saturday 17 March.

In the fifth episode of Amici 2021 there will be, as always, clashes between professors. What is most intriguing is the gauntlet launched by Lorella Cuccarini and Arisa who invited Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbi to dance and sing to the notes of Mi vendo by Renato Zero. “As a coach it is not enough to take responsibility for our choices – explained the teachers -. It is right to show young people that exams in life never end ”. Initially Celentano's reaction was clear: “I don't think about it at all – she explained -. It makes no sense and I have no intention at all. There are the boys, we have 80 years on each leg, space for young people ”. In the end, however, Rudy Zerbi managed to convince her to accept the challenge: “Let's accept it and make it ours, trust me, I'll take responsibility for it,” he said.

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