Amici 2021, Sangiovanni in tears for Giulia: for us he has already won

Amici 2021, Sangiovanni in tears for Giulia: for us he has already won

The semi-final of Amici 2021 flows between emotion and talent, but they are moved by: Sangiovanni and Giulia, love, tears, acceptance

There was great anticipation for the semi-final of Amici: an edition that showed many new talents, but above all a constant tension between the students of the school and the professors. From Alessandra Celentano to Anna Pettinelli, from Arisa to Rudy Zerbi, in the end it was the boys who dominated. And in particular Giulia and Sangiovanni.

Once again, it was they who conquered the public and spectators: it could not be otherwise. Incredibly good, pure and magnificent: they represent that love that we all dreamed of as a little girl. The typical feelings of a young age, able to take us back in time and relive adolescence (and its dramas).

Of course, at the beginning of the episode, even Maria De Filippi notes that there is agitation in the air, as does Stefano De Martino, judge together with Stash and Emanuele Filiberto: "Yes, there is definitely electricity in the air." The expectations were all concentrated on the gauntlet between Pettinelli and Zerbi, in which Aka7even shone, with She by Elvis Costello.

Yet, it seems that, despite the strong emotions that followed during the semifinal, the most important (and simple, at the same time) part is that young love between Giulia and Sangiovanni, able to scratch the strings of our soul. For us, Sangiovanni has already won, in every respect, both for its skill and its romanticism. And to have, in the end, been able to dose the love for music.

Giulia then gave a great lesson to all of us: her message is very powerful. The dance to the tune of "Love me again" is simply unique and wonderful, a very high show moment. The "Beloved" message is an invitation to acceptance, a very important theme for the girl, who has worked on her and who has faced numerous obstacles, overcoming them all.

And when Giulia's name is announced for the show's grand finale, Sangiovanni lets herself go into a liberating cry: of love, of happiness, of passion. In those tears you can feel his tension, his support for Giulia. Because we all dreamed, as girls, of having someone by our side, ready to support and guide us, to give us their hand, to accompany us towards our future. Amici 2021 is approaching sunset: we will remember a lot of this edition.

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