Amici 2021, Sangiovanni's message is the best moment of the final

Giulia Amici 2021

The final of "Amici 2021" is truly overwhelming, a succession of emotions that have conquered the public

The latest episode of Amici 2021 opens, which also in this edition has given us moments of great emotion and many wonderful surprises. The five talented guys who challenged each other during the final of the talent show conquered the audience with their skill and with great freshness.

Emotions followed one another quickly during the episode, starting with Sangiovanni's beautiful words dedicated to his fellow adventurers. The touching message of the young singer was read by Maria De Filippi, while on the screen some of the most significant images of the path that the students have made within the most loved school in Italy scrolled by. "This year has been a special year, you have been living together in that little house for months. A particular relationship has been created between you ”- the presenter began -“ During the week each of you was asked to write some thoughts, I read them all. Sangiovanni wrote something that I think can be valid for everyone ”.

His splendid comparison between the adventure in Amici and a train trip left everyone speechless with emotion, and he found beautiful words to tell those who were his companions on this journey full of surprises. "Amici is a bit of the perfect Trenitalia, the one that arrives on time, at the right time, and takes you straight to where you want. I also want to think about it new, one of those that renovate almost every year, one of those created well, made to never break. Well, this journey has now reached its destination, we are practically at the end of the line ”.

And again, at the conclusion of his message: “This is us, different passengers with different departures and different destinations, but with one thing in common. All five of us are the kind of passenger who gets on, sits down, opens the computer and continues to work, work, work. We must be proud of us. Good final and good after final ". A beautiful teaching, which also highlights Sangiovanni's growth within the reality show – not only from a singing point of view. But the challenge immediately took possession of the stage, dragging us into a whirlwind of emotions.

The first heat saw the singers Sangiovanni, Deddy and Aka7even as protagonists: all three performed in different songs, including unreleased songs and covers much loved by the public, also involving professors and judges with their ease in front of the microphone. However, only one of them won a place for the grand final, and viewers decided that Sangiovanni was the one who deserved the opportunity. The second heat was instead held between Giulia and Alessandro, two of the best dancers of this edition of Amici.

Having won the victory against her colleague, Giulia reached the final next to Sangiovanni. A difficult challenge also from an emotional point of view, because the two fell in love precisely in Amici's school. Competing together, against each other, proved to be a particularly difficult, but also a beautiful moment.

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