Amici 2021, the best and the worst after the holidays

Amici 2021, the best and the worst after the holidays

Friends 2021, the best and the worst: great restart after the holidays with new challenges, quarrels and loves blossomed in the house

Friends 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

Amici 2021 returns after the holidays with exciting news: challengers to choose from, disappointments and small matters of heart. The week was full of surprises and twists: between a dance step and a song, the first loves were born (and interrupted) within the school of Maria De Filippi.


  • Amici 2021, the letter from Zerbi to Arisa
  • Friends 2020, Tommaso's tests
  • Friends 2020, Riccardo is in challenge
  • Friends 2020, loves in the house
  • Amici 2021, the special on Saturday 9 January

Amici 2021, the letter from Zerbi to Arisa

Maria tells the boys in the house that Rudy has written a letter to his colleague Arisa: the teacher has tried a singer-songwriter who, according to him, deserves to enter the school instead of Kika, Raffaele or Arianna. Zerbi asks Arisa to choose who among his three students will have to face Saturday's challenge with the probable new entry.

The students hypothesize what the teacher's choice may be and believe that Arianna is the most deserving of challenges, due to her unruly behavior.

Arisa, having heard the news, is in crisis for the decision she will have to take. Meet his students one by one. He confronts Arianna to whom he shows the performance of the challenger: her name is Ibla, she sings in Spanish and shows great confidence on stage. Arianna tells her teacher that everyone in the house thinks Raffaele is the one best able to balance the challenge.

During his meeting with the teacher, Kika denies the words of his partner, and tells her that, in reality, the most popular name for the challenge is precisely that of Arianna. When she returns to the house, Kika comments on Arianna's words with the other students. She is very disappointed by her unfair and incorrect behavior.

Raffaele too shows his disappointment with his friends and with his teacher for the lie told by Arianna. According to the singer, Ibla is much stronger than the latter and deserves much more than her at the school desk. Kika and Raffaele confront Arianna, expressing all their opposition to her devious attempt to influence the choice of the teacher.

Friends 2020, Tommaso's tests

Before the holidays, the Celentano teacher had decided to put her student Tommaso to the test, asking the production to increase the teaching hours for her pupil.

The dancer engages in a real tour de force, including lessons in modern, Latin American, interpretation and a full-bodied series of books to study on dance, given to him by his own teacher. Tommaso is heavily involved in the cycle of lessons and training wanted by Alessandra.

On 7 January, an unexpected surprise brightens up his busy days: his parents are waiting for him behind the plexiglass to tell him how proud they are of him and that he will be able to achieve the set goals.

Friends 2020, Riccardo is in challenge

Riccardo receives his red envelope in which he is announced the challenge established by the disciplinary measure for the poor state of hygiene in the house. Her challenger, Alessandro, was chosen by the production and the dance technicians. The boys are shown a video posted on social media by his rival and his casting performance. The students are amazed by the boy's technique and skill and Riccardo is convinced that he has little chance of winning the challenge.

Friends 2020, loves in the house

After showing an interest in the professional dancer Sebastian, Giulia gets closer and closer to San Giovanni. A tender friendship is born between the two that leads them to always look for each other and spend a lot of time together, until unexpectedly, a kiss is triggered. The first ever for the young dancer.

The next day, San Giovanni confesses his feelings to Giulia but also tells her that his priority remains music and does not want their relationship to distract them from their lessons and their goals. The girl understands the singer's speech but reiterates the importance of their relationship.

Enula and Esa also exchange effusions, caresses and affectionate words. Both are aware that they feel something more than just friendship but the singer shows his perplexities to Esa who already has a boyfriend.

Enula confesses that, albeit with great difficulty, she is trying to block what she feels for him. The next day the two boys deliberately keep their distance but in the evening Esa seeks clarification with his partner.

The singer proposes to temporarily dismiss their relationship and focus on studying, committing to behave like two friends. This time on standby can help Enula to clarify the nature of her feelings for Enula and those towards her current boyfriend.

Amici 2021, the special on Saturday 9 January

The seventh episode of Amici 2021 opens with a great guest, Fabrizio Moro, who offers a medley of his songs Portami via and The sense of everything.

Arisa refuses to choose a challenger among her pupils Kika, Raffaele and Arianna and leaves the choice to Zerbi, who raises with an unexpected move sending all three boys to challenge with Ibla. The new entry immediately wins the shirt and immediately after Raffaele takes his place again. It is an open challenge between the last two challengers. Arianna is reconfirmed in the school with Today is me while Kika greets, in tears, friends and Maria.

Samuele performs, not only as a dancer but also as a choreographer, in an exciting six-way step that excites Peparini and the other professors. SanGiovanni sings his unreleased Lady, convincing Zerbi and the music producer Zef while Giulia dances to the notes of Dog days are over and takes back her sweatshirt.

With his new song Random Words, Deddy earns Rudy's compliments. Riccardo enters the challenge with Alessandro; according to the disciplinary provision, it will be judged by Lorella Cuccarini, Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano. The profs decree the final verdict: the new entry wins the challenge and takes the place of Riccardo.

Leonardo defends his shirt with the piece of Negramaro Uno like me: Pettinelli finds it artificial and too theatrical but Rudy defends his pupil by saying that he has personality and reconfirms his desk.

Rosa puts herself to the test with a solo with a poetic atmosphere; Celentano judges the performance "light" and hard to read while Lorella expresses a favorable opinion on her dancer.

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