Amici 2021, the best and the worst of the week from 15 to 21 February

Amici 2021, from 15 to 21 February: in view of the evening, the boys face new checks while Leonardo and Martina's desks are at risk

Friends 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

A tense week in the house between checks, votes and difficult decisions: the rankings reveal the favorites of the professors while Pettinelli launches a new challenge and Ibla leaves Zerbi. Broken hearts for Giulia, left by Sangiovanni and for Aka7even, mad with jealousy for Martina.


  • Friends 2021, red envelope for dancers
  • Amici 2021, red envelope for singers
  • Friends 2021, bench for Sergio?
  • Amici 2021, change of prof for Ibla
  • Friends 2021, broken hearts in the house
  • Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 20 February

Friends 2021, red envelope for dancers

In view of the evening, on February 15 a red envelope arrives in the house addressed to all the dancers of the school. The message says that each dance student will have to choose one of the studied choreographies and perform in the studio. The performance will be evaluated not only by the teacher but by all the dance teachers. From the marks obtained by each student, an average will be calculated and a ranking drawn up.

The boys are called individually to the studio and perform in front of the professors Celentano, Cuccarini and Peparini. After verification, Maria reveals to the boys the result of the classification: in first place in ex aequo are placed Samuele and Giulia with an average of 8.66, followed by Alessandro with 8, Tommaso with 7.66, Serena 7.33, Rosa 6.83 and, finally, Martina with 5.66.

The latter, who obtained the lowest average among the dancers (with a 3.5 from Celentano), shows all her discouragement and seeks relief in Enula's encouraging words.

Amici 2021, red envelope for singers

Also for the singers, a red envelope arrives containing an important communication. Similarly to the verification procedure to which the dancers underwent, the singing students will have to choose a cover, perform, one by one, in the studio in front of the professors who will individually express their vote.

After the performances of the singers, Maria shows the students the ratings of Zerbi, Arisa and Pettinelli: Enula is in first place with an average of 9.33, second Aka7even with 8.33, Ibla and Sangiovanni, tied in third place with 8, followed by Esa with 7.33, Raffaele and Deddy in ex aequo with 7, Gaia and Leonardo in the penultimate position with 6, last Tancredi with 5.66.

The teachers' opinions are very different; the new entry Gaia bursts into tears for the 3 received by Rudy.

Friends 2021, bench for Sergio?

Pettinelli has the boys deliver a red envelope in which she proposes a new candidate, the singer-songwriter Sergio. The prof asks her colleagues and students to find out if they are in favor of adding a bench for the proposed singer. The teachers are not very favorable to the entry of a new student, close to the evening.

Maria shows the students the video of Sergio's casting: the boys don't think it's right to assign a new bench without a challenge, nor do they find the singer-songwriter particularly deserving.

The students cast their vote to decide whether or not to add an extra singing bench for Sergio, the vote is quite clear: bench yes 4 votes, bank no 12 votes.

At this point, Deddy, Esa and Rosa propose themselves for a possible challenge. Subsequently, Pettinelli communicates her decision and, surprisingly, chooses Leonardo as her challenger.

Amici 2021, change of prof for Ibla

After a meeting between Zerbi and Ibla, the professor had suggested to his student to consider the possibility of changing coaches because he no longer believes in his talent and his artistic path. The young singer decides to write a letter to her teacher, in which she expresses her displeasure and her indecision in evaluating the right choice.

The girl basically asks Rudy to decide for her. The teacher, very honestly, tells her to continue her journey with another teacher. Ibla meets both Arisa and Pettinelli to find out which teacher suits her best. The student chooses Arisa because she believes that she understands her artistic world better; the teacher wants to bring out the many shades of Ibla without upsetting her personality.

Friends 2021, broken hearts in the house

A tender feeling was born between Sangiovanni and Giulia; the two boys showed great harmony and, even, the singer was inspired by the dancer to write his new unreleased songs.

Unfortunately, the first misunderstandings arise between the two: Giulia shows herself possessive and jealous towards Sangiovanni, ever closer to Enula. The student believes that unmotivated love bickering takes time and energy away from studying.

The singer has never hidden from the dancer that he is very focused on his musical career and does not want distractions that can slow down his path in school. Therefore, he reiterates this thought of his to Giulia, distancing himself from her.

Aka7even continues to live her tormented story with Martina; their relationship is made up of ups and downs, mainly due to the dancer's inconstancy. The singing student even considered the idea of ​​dropping out of school, due to the unpleasant situation that arose but, luckily, Martina managed to dissuade him.

Aka7even feels used because the girl looks for him only when she feels alone, otherwise she prefers the company of others. In the last few days, Martina has shown a great feeling with Tommaso with whom she is preparing a choreography.

Noticing a rapprochement between the two, Aka7even goes into crisis, considering that Martina was already infatuated with Raffaele. Despite this, the young singer is unable to detach himself from her and forgives her every whim.

Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 20 February

On the Amici stage, an exceptional guest performs, the vocal coach Raffaella Micati with her song We can, with small gestures, thrilling her students. Martina, last in the ranking of dance teachers, dances the Jailhouse Rock solo; Lorella does not believe that her student deserves to continue the race in the evening because the latter, the day before, left the rehearsal room, without explanation, leaving the coaches in the studio. Cuccarini suspends her sweatshirt because she considered her unprofessional and polite attitude.

Tancredi, last in the ranking of singing, proposes his unpublished; Arisa finds the boy to be very effective in communication and Zerbi also agrees with her. Pettinelli, on the other hand, believes that the singer is not as good at interpreting the covers. Maria reveals a ranking on the unpublished, drawn up by the radio in which Tancredi is positioned, surprisingly, in first place.

Rosa puts herself to the test in a very sensual duo step with Tommaso; Lorella and Veronica appreciate the performance while Celentano considers the dancer's initial walk "terrifying and fake". Gaia sings Lady Marmalade and reconfirms her gold jersey. Samuele dances to the notes of Alors on dance, convincing Peparini and Cuccarini. The teacher Alessandra, on the other hand, thinks that the dancer, outside of her style, has obvious gaps.

Raffaele proposes his piece Reset button, thrilling Arisa while Rudy finds it “ancient”. The prof, addressing both Raffaele and Gaia, points out that knowing how to sing well is only one of the elements that make an artist. Alessandro confirms his bench thanks to an intense two-way pass with Giulia.

Leonardo takes the stage to face his challenger Sergio; the teacher Anna asks her colleagues for a temporary bench for the new entry, should the latter lose the challenge. The teachers disagree and do not find the coach's proposal fair. Leonardo wins the challenge and takes back his golden sweatshirt.

Tommaso tries his hand at hip hop, a new style for him; Celentano is satisfied with her pupil who is proving to be very versatile. De Filippi announces a new guest Alberto Urso, former winner of Amici, now an internationally renowned artist, who sings Amarsi is a miracle. The episode ends with Aka7even, who continues his race in the evening, thrilling all the singing teachers with his unpublished Miss you.

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