Amici 2021, the best and the worst of the week from 18 to 24 January

Amici 2021, the best and the worst of the week from 18 to 24 January

Amici 2021, the best and the worst: the quarrel between Cuccarini and Celentano, the crisis of Giulia and Raffaele, a new televoting

Friends 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

The clash between the Cuccarini / Celentano teachers continues, with blows of letters, while the lessons for the boys are becoming more and more intense, in view of the evening. Zerbi proposes a special vote to the students to evaluate the satisfaction of the unpublished works. The singers, at risk of exclusion, face a televoting challenge, the outcome of which will decide their fate.


  • Amici 2021, the dispute between Cuccarini and Celentano
  • Amici 2021, the challenges of Martina and Arianna
  • Friends 2021, the despair of Raffaele and Giulia
  • Amici 2021, televoting
  • Amici 2021, the episode of Saturday 23 January

Amici 2021, the quarrel between Cuccarini and Celentano

In the episode on Saturday 16 January, Lorella Cuccarini and Alessandra Celentano had a heated discussion, due to a two-way pass that the latter assigned to Alessandro and Rosa.

On Tuesday, January 19, Lorella receives a communication to the production; Maria reads the letter to the boys. Cuccarini asks that Alessandro and Rosa's Neoclassical choreography be followed in the rehearsal room only by professional dancers and not by Celentano, to restore a climate of serenity and constructive and non-destructive work. During the week, Lorella will supervise the rehearsals from time to time to understand if the number is executable or not and the timing of realization.

The reply from the teacher Celentano was not long in coming; the teacher clearly says that, in the world of dance, it is not ethically correct for a choreography not to be followed by those who created it. The colleague's request, therefore, appears to her unacceptable and a serious lack of respect, however, she agrees to make an exception and consent. The teacher is, in fact, convinced that his absence during the lessons will be detrimental and that it will not be useful to achieve the result to be obtained, that is to dance well.

After attending the two-step tests, Cuccarini realizes Rosa's insecurity and her difficulty in overcoming the fear of making a mistake. For this reason, the teacher sends a very emotional letter to the student in which she invites her to work with seriousness and rigor, thanks to her support as a teacher. Lorella states that she agrees on Alessandra's teachings, techniques and corrections but not on her working methodology. However, her honest defense of the young dancer’s commitment must exhort her to do better, it must be a safe haven and not sit on our laurels.

Rosa is very impressed by the teacher's words and decides to meet her; Cuccarini reiterates that she shares Celentano's technical observations and that to complete the performance she will have to work hard and put in "tears and blood".

Amici 2021, the challenges of Martina and Arianna

On Monday 18 January, Martina, at the request of Veronica Peparini, challenges a new dancer, Erika. The girls are very similar, they have the same haircut even if the new entry has a perfect body. External judge Nancy Berti asks both of them for two solos: Martina performs on the notes of Shake it off and Malo and Erika on those of Summertime Sadness and Europa. Berti considers the two dancers on the same technical level; Erika has a beautiful body and has the responsibility of knowing how to move it, Martina has shown determination and passion and, therefore, deserves to stay in school.

Arianna faces a challenge, following a disciplinary measure; the challenger, Sharon, was chosen by the production and the performances will be evaluated by the singing teachers. Arianna sings My story between my fingers and Sono solo words while her opponent tests herself with the songs Valerie and Universal Judgments. Although Sharon shows a great personality on stage, Arianna regains the bench, thrilling her companions and professors Arisa and Pettinelli.

Friends 2021, the despair of Raffaele and Giulia

In the relaxation room, Giulia confides in Sangiovanni she doesn't like herself; the boy points out that he likes her as she is and that she too should learn to appreciate herself more and to love herself. In the rehearsal room, the young dancer unleashes herself with her teachers, who point out that she must believe more in herself and in her own potential. The girl explains that her insecurities derive from the attitude that her peers had with her during the middle school period. Giulia has always felt judged, wrong, derided. The dancer Simone offers her an exercise: look in the mirror and tell herself everything she doesn't think and what she would like to be. The pupil follows the suggestion and faces her fears with courage.

The boys, gathered in the house, are called, one by one, to the relaxation room where they are shown a video of Rudy Zerbi. The teacher asks each individual student to express a preference between Raffaele's Il sole alle windows, Aka7even's Yellow and Enula's Earphones. The opinions expressed by the boys lead Raffaele to the last position in the ranking; the singer does not explain the result and is very sorry. Rudy has always maintained that the boy did not have enough personality to pursue a musical career and points out that his companions also support the same thing. The negative evaluation will not allow his unreleased to be released on digital platforms.

Subsequently, Raffaele meets the teacher Arisa, who expresses her disappointment at the decision taken by Rudy. Later, a red envelope arrives in the house, containing a message that overturns the situation: the production, while considering Zerbi's initiative worthy of attention, does not believe it should exclude the novel by Raffaele which, therefore, will regularly take place at midnight of 21 January, together with that of Esa, Deddy, Enula and Aka7even.

Amici 2021, televoting

Maria shows the boys a video of Rudy, who wants to draw conclusions about the singers excluded from the release on the platforms. Leonardo obtained fewer views in the social ranking while Arianna and Evandro came last and penultimate respectively in the live televoting ranking. Therefore, the teacher considers it necessary to compare the three singers and open a new vote. The boys perform, one at a time, in the studio while De Filippi officially opens televoting: Leonardo chooses to sing his song Christmas and Summer, Arianna performs with the cover When a love ends and Evandro proposes his piece Guacamole. Students will know the results of the votes during the episode on Saturday 23 January.

Amici 2021, the episode of Saturday 23 January

The episode opens with the guest Michele Bravi and his song Keep the kiss, thrilling the audience and, in particular, the student Samuele. The latter performs with a solo, Dynamite, confirming his skill and his desk in the school. It is Martina's turn who tries her hand at the musical, dancing to the notes of Mein Herr. Celentano disapproves of the choice of having the girl sing in lip-sync, judging, therefore, the number incomplete. The teacher believes that the meaning of the musical is to dance and sing live.

The director of Radio Deejay, Linus, listens to the unpublished songs by Sangiovanni (Lady) and Enula (Earphones); both singers convince both the expert and the teachers. Linus suggests Sangiovanni to show himself as he is without trying to emulate other artists because he does not need them while Zerbi believes that both singers represent the contemporary more than others.

Leonardo, Evandro and Arianna are ready to find out the outcome of the televoting: Prof. Zerbi declares that if Leonardo is last, he will send him home. Rudy thinks it is the responsibility of a teacher not to deceive or protect the pupils, assuming good-natured attitudes, but to understand their actual potential, following the public's approval.

Arisa and Pettinelli do not share his thoughts but believe that it is right to give the students the opportunity to improve and recover, in view of the evening. In particular, the singer shows all her disappointment towards her colleague, his decisions and his way of relating to boys. The ranking sees Leonardo first, Evandro second and Arianna third. The latter regain the bench even if with some reservations on the part of the prof.

Zerbi has yet another clash with Arianna, a pupil she does not consider worthy and Anna throws an ultimatum to Evandro who, in the studio, never manages to perform a piece without imperfections. Rosa wins the challenge against the dancer Daniele while Ibla, Alessandro and Leonardo, thanks to their appreciated performances, can take back their sweatshirts.

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