Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 1 to 6 February

Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 1 to 6 February

Friends 2021: continuous twists and turns for dancers, new challenges coming up and thorny issues of the heart in the house

Friends 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

Intense week for dancers who are confronted with Celentano and new tests to face. Tense relationship also between Esa and Pettinelli, which puts the singer in challenge. In the meantime, matters of the heart in the cottage are getting more and more complicated.


  • Amici 2021, the disciplinary measure of Celentano
  • Amici 2021, the decision of Peparini
  • Amici 2021, the clash between Esa and Pettinelli
  • Friends 2021, loves in the house
  • Amici 2021, new test for Tommaso
  • Amici 2021, a new challenge for Rosa or Martina
  • Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 6 February

Amici 2021, the disciplinary measure of Celentano

In the episode of February 1, Maria has 6 stools placed in the studio for the dancers. Celentano wants to show the children a video in which the teacher Alberto Matasso complains about the lack of commitment of the students during the morning class of classical.

Alessandra points out to Peparini that Giulia has many absences in those lessons. The latter is justified by saying that he had to go to the gym instead of classical, due to physical problems. Celentano, by virtue of the behavior held by the dancers during Matasso's lessons, takes a measure for her pupil Tommaso, suspending his shirt, inviting her colleagues to do the same with their students.

Both Veronica and Lorella do not consider it appropriate to implement the same measure with their dancers. Subsequently, Celentano summons the 6 boys to the rehearsal room, expressing her disappointment at the decision made by her colleagues who, in her opinion, tend to protect their students.

The teacher also says that none of them expressed solidarity with Tommaso who was the only one to pay for everyone's disengagement. This shows that they are just immature schoolchildren with no character. The boys are very upset by the meeting with Alessandra who spared no harsh words towards each of them.

Amici 2021, the decision of Peparini

Following the provision taken by Celentano, Peparini summons Giulia and Samuele. Veronica does not want to sanction her two students but to test them. Giulia will have to create a choreography with comic tones in which she will work on the interpretation while Samuele will have to work on a modern piece that breaks away from her style and the numbers she usually brings to the stage.

The dancer goes into crisis because he does not believe he will be able to complete a choreography that requires a different preparation from his own. In the following days, Samuele works hard in the rehearsal room, but has several times of emotional breakdowns, on the phone with his parents and with his companions, because he is afraid of making a bad impression on stage.

Amici 2021, the clash between Esa and Pettinelli

In the episode of January 30, Esa sings his song Dimmi; Pettinelli expresses her negative opinion on the student's song and intonation, which she defines as "out of tune like a bell".

Back in the house, Esa comments on Anna's opinion, using strong and offensive words towards the teacher, because he does not consider himself out of tune at all if anything is inaccurate. She says that the teacher has hearing problems and that she is a liar.

After seeing Esa's outburst, Pettinelli asks to meet him in the studio. The teacher is furious, she clearly tells the young singer that she was rude, that she has no respect for her role and reiterates her thoughts on intonation. He shows him videos of his performances where he has repeatedly mistaken the key of the songs.

In the episode of February 4, a red envelope for Esa arrives in the house: Anna has decided to challenge him with a new candidate, Aliperti.

Friends 2021, loves in the house

Martina and Aka7even continue their tormented relationship between the back and forth of the girl who feels attracted to Raffaele too. Aka7even suffers a lot from the situation but, in fact, cannot get away from the dancer.

Martina conducts a sort of double game: on the one hand she tries to convince Raffaele to start a story with her, on the other she consoles her ex boyfriend as if she were a friend of hers. When Raffaele clearly tells her that he doesn't feel like entering into a relationship with her so as not to betray his friend's trust, the dancer approaches Aka7even again, who welcomes her in his arms.

Meanwhile, Rosa and Deddy establish a special friendship that leads to a flirtation made up of cuddles, kisses and romantic phrases. The singer, however, shows some hesitation: he does not want to fall in love with a person he may never see again, once the program is over. Deddy thinks that Rosa's feelings may be influenced by the context but the latter claims that this is not the case.

Amici 2021, new test for Tommaso

Celentano sends a new film to the dancers in which she reaffirms her thoughts on the disciplinary measure and distances herself again from the teaching methods of Cuccarini who protects her students and has not yet shown in the episode the double step assigned to Rosa and Alexander.

Therefore, he decides to entrust Tommaso with a new choreography to demonstrate that a student should be encouraged to leave their comfort zone. He entrusts the boy with the solo already performed by Alessandro I've Got You Under My Skin, well aware of the difficulties his student will have in creating the choreography. If Tommaso proves to be up to the task assigned to him, he will be able to win back his sweatshirt.

Amici 2021, a new challenge for Rosa or Martina

The dancers watch the casting footage of a new candidate, Serena. The girl says that, if she enters the school, she would like to study with Prof Celentano, and adds that she would like to challenge Martina or Rosa because she feels technically more prepared than both.

Thanks to her performance, the girl, who specializes in modern dance, wins three green lights. The two possible challengers believe that Serena is very good and that she will take the place of one of them.

Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 6 February

The episode opens with a welcome return to the stage of Amici: The Kolors perform with a song with an engaging sound Sore Throat. Giulia performs with the solo Carina entrusted to her by Peparini, who reconfirms the shirt but tells her to work even more on the interpretation. It is Raffaele's turn who convinces Arisa, who finds it right, measured and intense. On the contrary, Zerbi does not perceive any emotion in the performance and Pettinelli finds it flat.

Alessandro dances to the notes of Balla, Balla, Ballerino, an emotionally engaging piece for him because it reminds him of his grandfather's words. Lorella congratulates her pupil who, in addition to technique, has put a lot of heart on stage and gives him a nice 9. Sangiovanni sings the cover of Primavera, demonstrating his skills as a stage entertainer, according to Rudi who compliments him .

Martina throws herself into an energetic samba; Lorella finds it magnetic while Celentano thinks she always has the same expression and the same mood whatever she dances. It is time for Esa's challenge against Aliperti: an external judge judges the performance of the unpublished songs of the two singers and expresses himself in favor of the first who remains in the school.

Maria shows Cuccarini and Peparini the video in which Celentano discusses with the dancers, defining her colleagues as “mother hens” because they protect the students, avoiding necessary tests and sanctions. Lorella does not think it right that Alessandra spoke with the dancers and not with her and Veronica, since the boys are not responsible for the choices of the teachers.

Alessandra replies, saying that the students follow the example of their teachers. After this umpteenth discussion between the teachers, Tommaso tests himself with the choreography assigned to him and, despite some inaccuracies, regains his sweatshirt.

Evandro faces the challenge against Tancredi; the boys sing their unreleased songs, judged by an expert who decides to assign the bench to the new candidate. Tancredi officially enters the school while Evandro greets Maria and hugs his classmates.

It is the moment of Samuele who, for the first time, brings a modern solo to the stage: Veronica greatly appreciates the commitment of the dancer while Alessandra, while not denying Samuele's talent, believes that he has serious gaps in other styles, different from his. Leonardo sings his unreleased Christmas and Summer, Deddy shows some insecurity about the intonation in Eccoti while Ibla performs with the cover Don Raffaè, surprisingly convincing more Arisa and Pettinelli than his prof.

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