Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 1 to 7 March

Amici 2021, the best and worst of the week from 1 to 7 March

Amici 2021, week from 1 to 7 March: the general rankings of the singers, a special test for the dancers and Rudy's proposal for the evening

Amici 2020, the contestants of the Maria De Filippi show

An intense and turbulent week for all the students of the school of Amici 2021. For the singers, it is the hour of truth: the various rankings drawn up reveal the approval rating of their songs and their performances. At the same time, the dancers undergo an improvisation test with the famous choreographer David Parsons. Prof. Zerbi launches a proposal to his colleagues, which puts the golden sweatshirt of the last classified at risk.


  • Amici 2021, the ranking of J-AX
  • Friends 2021, the ranking of David Parsons
  • Amici 2021, the general rankings of singers
  • Amici 2021, Rudy's proposal and Leonardo's reaction
  • Friends 2021, old and new loves in the house
  • Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 6 March

Amici 2021, the ranking of J-AX

After the episode on Saturday 27 February, in which the pupils sanctioned by the disciplinary measure are also readmitted to the school, the singers face a new test with a special judge: J-AX. In the episode of March 2, Maria invites the singing students, one by one, to perform in the studio, to be evaluated by the famous rapper.

J-AX listens to all the unpublished of the boys and draws up its own personal ranking: in first place is Enula, followed by Leonardo, third and fourth place respectively for Raffaele and Sangiovanni, fifth Esa, sixth Aka7even, seventh Deddy, penultimate and last position Tancredi and Ibla.

Friends 2021, the ranking of David Parsons

In view of the evening, even the dancers must face a very special test: each of them will perform in the studio, improvising on three different pieces of music. The performances will be judged by the internationally renowned choreographer David Parsons. The boys are presented individually by Elena D’Amario.

De Filippi communicates to the students the evaluations made by Parsons: in first place Samuele, in second Alessandro, third with equal merit Serena and Martina, fourth ex aequo Rosa and Tommaso and last Giulia.

The young dancer, in last place, is very disappointed in her performance, compromised by excessive emotionality; Maria and Sangiovanni try, in every way, to console her. Rosa also believes she has wasted an important opportunity: dancing in front of David Parsons has always been her dream and having placed next to last in the standings makes her question her artistic talent.

Giulia, during a lesson, unleashes herself with the professional Simone; the girl is demoralized and sees all the progress made in school go up in smoke. The coach explains that the problem is only in her head and that she has to find self-confidence.

Amici 2021, the general rankings of singers

Maria shows the singing students the rankings of the record companies and the streaming of the latest singles released. Calculating an average of the votes of the interviewed record companies, the final ranking results with these votes: Enula in first place with 8.3, a breath away from her Sangiovanni with 8.23, third Tancredi with 7.53, followed by Deddy with 6.96, Aka7even with 6.88, Leonardo with 6.53, penultimate Esa and Raffaele with 5.53 and last Ibla with 5.5.

The ranking of the streaming of the unreleased, updated to February 27, mixes the cards a little: Sangiovanni is first with All night, Aka7even second with I miss you, Tancredi third with Las Vegas, fourth Enula with (With) cake, fifth Deddy with Ancora in two, sixth Raffaele with Reset Button, seventh Leonardo with Orione, penultimate Esa with Ci sto male and, finally, Ibla with No te gusta.

The latter is very disappointed with the results obtained from the rankings and questions her artistic path: her songs do not convince the public, jury and record companies.

Amici 2021, Rudy's proposal and Leonardo's reaction

Following the rankings drawn up, Rudy sends a video message to the singers: his proposal is to have the first three classified by right in the evening and to eliminate the last two, regardless of the teachers' judgment. Prof. Zerbi invites his colleagues, Arisa and Anna Pettinelli, to think about the last in the standings and, possibly, to send them home.

The reactions to Rudy's decision are quite heated: the boys evaluate a counter-proposal because they believe it is unfair to interrupt the path of a pupil, based exclusively on the rankings.

Seeing the singers discussing animatedly, Zerbi intervenes again; Leonardo eagerly expresses his opinion, saying that he considers his proposal unacceptable. The boy thinks he deserves to participate in the evening, much more than the newcomers, Gaia and Tancredi, or other of his little-matched companions. Rudy is upset by the words expressed by his pupil and, when the latter, in a fit of anger threatens to leave, the teacher tells him to pack his bags.

After the clash between the teacher and the singer, Zerbi asks the students to draw up their own personal ranking in which, each of them, will express six preferences for the evening race. Aka7even, Enula and Sangiovanni earn 10 favorable votes, Leonardo, Raffaele and Tancredi total 7, Ibla 4, Deddy 3, Esa and Gaia 1.

Esa and Deddy are disappointed by Leonardo's words and by the vote of his teammates, the first reacts with determination, ready to defend the golden jersey tooth and nail, the second already feels defeated and is consoled by Rosa who pushes him to don't give up.

Friends 2021, old and new loves in the house

In recent weeks, the relationship between Enula and Alessandro has become increasingly intense. Their loving friendship has turned into a tender feeling. The dancer blatantly showed his interest in the singer, kissing her in public and in front of the coaches, during a performance. While having a special feeling for the enterprising Alessandro, the singer claims her space. The boys have a conversation in which they clear up and the fateful spark is triggered between them.

Giulia and Sangiovanni experienced a moment of detachment; the singer, pressed by Giulia's excessive jealousy, did not want worries that would distract him from his main goals, music and the evening. However, the boy's feeling for the dancer overpowers rationality and slowly the two reconnect. Sangiovanni feels an irresistible attraction to Giulia and cannot keep away from her. After all, it was she who inspired her latest unpublished works.

Amici 2021, episode of Saturday 6 March

The episode opens with the guest Il Tre and his song Your Name. Maria explains in detail to Arisa and Anna Rudy's proposal, that is to have the singers placed in the first three places in the rankings compete for the evening and eliminate the last two. Pettinelli believes that her colleague discharges his responsibilities as a teacher, basing his judgment exclusively on the rankings of the experts, without taking into account the path made by each individual pupil in the school.

For Anna, the rankings are just tools to further evaluate young talent and not a definitive verdict. Zerbi, he replies, defining Arisa and Pettinelli, the "hucks of the evening" because they tend to protect their students. The two singing coaches refuse Rudy's proposal, guaranteeing, however, the first three finishers the race in the evening.

Martina tries her hand at the famous musical Mary Poppins and regains her golden sweatshirt. Here comes the turn of the singers: a further ranking with only three positions will reveal the names of the talents who will be admitted to the evening. The first to perform are Aka7even, Gaia and Tancredi: surprisingly, the singer with her unpublished, presented for the first time, Maybe not even a kiss, conquers the third position. Raffaele, Leonardo and Sangiovanni sing their unreleased songs; only the latter accesses the evening, finishing in second place.

Ibla, Esa, Deddy and Enula are the last four singers to perform: in first place, as already confirmed by the rankings of recent days, is Enula with his (Con) cake that flies directly to the evening. The three artists admitted are therefore Gaia, Sangiovanni and Enula while all the others take back their golden jersey and continue their race.

Similarly to the singers, the dancers undergo a test to draw up a ranking: the presenter invites the choreographer Giulio Peparini to the studio who will evaluate the performances. The first to dance are Samuele, Alessandro and Martina, followed by Rosa and Tommaso. The performances of Giulia and Serena and the votes of Peparini will be shown in the daytime.

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