Amici 2021, the Evening: the report cards of March 20

Amici 2021, the Evening: the report cards of March 20

The March 20 episode of the Evening of "Amici 2021" does not disappoint the expectations between the jokes about De Martino and the Cuccarini-Celentano clash

Amici 2021, the dancers and singers admitted to the evening

After the afternoon appointments, the Evening of Amici 2021 has finally begun. The first episode, broadcast on March 20, did not betray expectations and, once again, Maria De Filippi was able to bring together an excellent cast, able to to create compelling dynamics and to guide the students of the school towards the final.

Let's find out the report cards of the evening of 20 March by Amici and the votes to the cult moments.

LORELLA CUCCARINI – It seems that Alessandra Celentano has managed to find a worthy rival. The presenter and showgirl in fact also at the Evening remained firm on her positions, responding blow for blow to her colleague. At the center of the debate is the challenge between Serena and Grazia on the notes of a choreography requested by Celentano. Cuccarini opposed it, considering the battle unfair, and obtained the support of the judges, Stash and Stefano De Martino. The test was therefore canceled and Lorella criticized Celentano, accusing her of showing a certain snobbery. "I feel a bit of a stench under my nose – he said -. I think that in the world of cinema and television there has been a lot of beautiful dance, in different forms ”. Determined and direct, Cuccarini does not flinch from her ideas and demonstrates her iron character. VOTE: 8.

STEFANO DE MARTINO – Stefano's role as judge at Amici has the flavor of a great comeback. The conductor in fact about ten years ago achieved success thanks to the transmission. Time has passed since then, but, despite his fame, De Martino has not lost the humility and self-irony that have always characterized him. So the new judge of Maria De Filippi's talent limited himself to laughing at the rather direct jokes of Pio and Amedeo. The comedians, guests of the show, joked about the second pregnancy of Belen Rodriguez who, after leaving Stefano, is expecting a baby from Antonino Spinalbese. “Let's applaud Stefano De Martino. Best wishes again that he becomes a dad again. Finally a little brother for Santiago – they began, only to add -. Ah isn't it yours? Weren't you in the photograph? Belén takes them all the same, I don't understand. She takes them, attaches them to the ears and gets engaged. How did you take it? It's all OK? What's your name? Antonio Spinacina? But are you on good terms? I know him, he's a good guy, he's a hairdresser. No I say, you had to go to the hairdresser … And you couldn't have shampooed too ". De Martino took it with irony and explained: "It's a job not to laugh at their jokes because if I laugh too much I risk offending someone, but they make me laugh. If I laugh a little they are offended ”. Pio and Amedeo then concluded: "You took it in a sporty way, bravo." VOTE: 9.

RUDY ZERBI and ARISA – If the two sparked sparks in the afternoon appointments, a fire could break out in the evening. Arisa and Rudy Zerbi are now a certainty of Amici 2021: always in disagreement, ready to clash with vitriolic jokes. One challenge after another, in the first episode of the show the two teachers did not spare themselves and appeared, once again, at the antipodes. It would be nice to see them join forces, but for now Rudy and Arisa are just "enemies". We'll see what happens in the next episodes, certainly with their squabbles they have the ability to revive the program. VOTE: 7.

ESA ABRATE – The second eliminated from Amici 2021 gives us a great lesson in life and teaches us to never give up, even when it seems that someone is taking away the dream for which we have fought so much. After receiving the verdict from Maria De Filippi, the singer dissolved in tears: “I will never stop – said Esa Abrate -. I had to sweat too much to get this far. It cannot be the removal from an important program like Amici that makes me stop. Thanks for everything". VOTE: 9.

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