Amici 2021, the most beautiful challenge won by Giulia is the one with herself

Giulia Amici 2021

In a competition without flickers, Giulia surprises with her great artistic maturity

Friends of Maria De Filippi more and more overwhelming. Canale5's talent challenges the holidays and airs on this rainy Saturday 1st May for a new challenge between stars, the last ones left before the final which is set in a few weeks.

Seven episodes to choose the best singers and dancers, conducted without any respite by the professors who – even in this edition – have made the lion's share and have not spared criticism, even rather sharp and aimed at the boys in the competition.

To shine is Giulia, top dancer of the team of Veronica Peparini and Anna Pettinelli. A very particular professional growth, his, especially if his young age is considered. She entered the school as a shy student with a great talent, today she is confident and focuses everything on emotion and the ability to enter into the story of each choreography.

She does not hesitate and dances confidently in front of the jury who is increasingly entranced by her ability to exploit the dynamism of dance to deliver sometimes important messages, as Stefano De Martino also pointed out.

The surprise comes unexpectedly in the test for the salvation point, in which she proves to be perfectly in tune with her body by giving a masterfully interpreted choreography with a sensuality that her teacher has tried to bring out from the first episodes.

It was only November when Giulia was hiding under his own hands – embarrassed to have to imitate the disruptive femininity of Francesca Tocca – and decades seem to have passed.

He gives his best in the match against Sangiovanni, with whom he has a very special bond, but there are no feelings of rivalry between them. At the end of the competition they kiss with tenderness, so much so that Maria De Filippi herself stops the competition so as not to interrupt a moment of their own: "Let them kiss".

It is then all a swarm of challenge gloves, chosen to tow the performances of the Evening of Friends 2021 without flashes from the very first bars. The professors are the great protagonists of the scene, starting with the first and inexplicable challenge between Cuccarisa and Zerbi with Celentano.

The themes are those repeated in all these years of show, first of all that of versatility among dancers. Veronica Peparini lines up Giulia – and finally after 7 episodes – while Lorella Cuccarini focuses on Alessandro's all-technical talent, who is also the first provisional eliminated of the race.

The race slips without any particular show moments, except for the new single by Sangiovanni which he even repeated to facilitate Stefano De Martino in the final judgment, too undecided on the point to be assigned between the two boys present at the center of the stage.

Alessandra Celentano is silent and just smiles when framed, after weeks spent fighting for true talent in dance that seems not to have been born yet for its very high standards. However, Rudy Zerbi follows, who disguises herself as Anna Pettinelli and imitates her in the descent from the raised throne reserved for teams, miming the episode of the sequin skirt that gets caught in a heel.

Between the two, there is an immediate battle. Rudy proposes a "very nice" gauntlet to be transformed into a comparative and based on an arrangement by Zef. Aka7even and Sangiovanni should have written on its basis but Pettinelli is categorical and refuses: “No, the snitch is ours and we decide. You're the usual bully ”.

At this point in the race, the boys are just compliments. If the singers continue their journey by hoarding gold and platinum records, the game is getting harder and harder for the dancers and based on a range of skills that go beyond technique. The professors ask for emotion, improvisation, technique and that extra tip of professionalism that we have grasped in Giulia's great artistic transformation.

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