Amici 2021, the production responds on Twitter to the accusation of censorship

The production of “Amici” by Maria De Filippi wanted to make statements after the criticisms received in recent days

The school of Amici di Maria De Filippi has ended up at the center of some controversy in recent days for an episode raised by some portals. Due to the numerous criticisms received, the production wanted to release statements, explaining what really happened and extinguishing inopportune inferences and judgments in the bud.

Friends, what happened

After the last episode of Amici’s special, which aired exceptionally last Monday, a controversy broke out regarding a particular song, Malafemmena – the masterpiece written by Totò in 1951 – used as the basis of one in a choreography performed during a challenge that saw as protagonist Mattia, a dancer from Raimondo Todaro’s stable.

The fuss was raised by Gianni Valentino, curator of the Totò Poetry Culture project, according to which the song was edited in order to censor the word Malafemmena. The performance was staged without the stanzas in which the word that gives the title to the song is pronounced, although Todaro, during the presentation of the choreography, quietly pronounced the title of the song.

The controversy over the last week has been picked up by various newspapers, so much so that the production felt compelled to intervene and release a statement on what happened.

Friends, the answer to the controversy

The production of the De Filippi show wanted to reply to the attacks received in recent days, releasing a press release on its social channels.

These days an absurd controversy is circulating between the web and print media, on the possibility that Amici felt the need to censor Totò’s song, Malafemmena. A song that Amici has been performed a thousand times over the years, with or without the verse containing the word bad luck. In the circumstance to which the controversy refers, the piece was cut to about a minute or so, as is customary for the execution of the choreographies. And in fact, both to stay in the required time and to keep the melody we all know intact, two central stanzas have come away, as well as the end of the piece.

A controversy defined as “absurd” in the press release, which actually has no basis given that the master Todaro, in presenting the choreography, pronounced the title of the piece:

If the curator of the Totò Poetry Culture project, Gianni Valentino (who started the controversy), can run into a sound error, how is it possible that distinguished journalists take the trouble to write pages on the subject without even checking what happened ? As Totò said, “life is made up of real things and supposed things: if we put the real ones on one side, where do we put the suppositories?”

The press release from Amici

The press release from Amici on Twitter

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