Amici 2021, Tommaso reveals the truth about the bond with Martina

Amici 2021, Tommaso reveals the truth about the bond with Martina

After the farewell to "Amici 2021", Tommaso confesses and talks about the bond created with Martina

Amici 2021, the dancers and singers admitted to the evening

After the farewell to Amici 2021, Tommaso Zorzi reveals the truth about his relationship with Martina in the program conducted by Maria De Filippi. The two dancers in the school have created a very strong bond that will certainly continue away from the cameras.

Tommaso was undoubtedly one of the most loved competitors of Amici 2021. In the school he got very close to Martina, so much so that there was talk of a possible relationship several times. This year, in fact, the show led to the birth of several love stories, such as the one between Rosa and Deddy or the one between Sangiovanni and Giulia.

"I was the only person Martina confided in – confessed Tommaso to Coming Soon -. She very often gets caught up in emotions and it is difficult to understand her. We, on the other hand, understood each other with little, we helped each other. Sometimes a glance was enough to understand us. I also bonded with Leonardo and Enula, but a special friendship was born with Martina ". No love story, therefore, but a very strong friendship.

In the meantime, the elimination of Thomas continues to cause discussion. The dancer, supported by Alessandra Celentano, surprisingly abandoned Amici 2021. Both his fellow adventurers and the professors were moved and Arisa offered him to appear in her next video, confirming her trust in him. "The elimination was unexpected – he confessed as a guest of Verissimo -, because I already felt so changed in my growth path, but I don't want to stop. This was my beginning and it made me understand many things both from a professional and a human point of view. Even my parents did not expect me to return home so soon, but the important thing is that now they support me in my desire to be a dancer ”.

Martina, on the other hand, remains in the school and is going through a particularly complicated moment. In fact, the dancer received yet another gauntlet from Alessandra Celentano, convinced that she does not deserve to be on the program again. The idea of ​​having to face a new test destabilized the competitor who broke down in tears in front of the cameras.

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