Amici 2022, it is already a clash between profs: Alessandra Celentano provokes Todaro

“Amici” has just begun with new clashes between professors: Celentano has not lost an opportunity to provoke Todaro

The highly anticipated appointment with Amici is back: the first episode should have aired on Saturday 18 September but exceptionally found space on Sunday afternoon, waiting for the debut of Scenes from a wedding, which will start on 3 October with the conduction of Anna Tatangelo and which will replace Domenica Live.

The talent show, which as always sees Maria De Filippi at the helm, began a few months earlier than previous editions, even if this initial phase does not present any changes: as always, the first episodes of Amici will be dedicated to forming the class. of singers and dancers. This year the presenter has chosen to have the shirts delivered to different characters from the world of music, entertainment, sport, but all united by one goal: to realize their dreams, despite the obstacles that life has put in front of them. .

Before starting with the selection of young talents, De Filippi presented the professors, including already known faces and new entries: Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli were confirmed for the singing chair, as well as Alessandra Celentano and Veronica Peparini for that of dance. As announced in recent weeks, Lorella Cuccarini made her debut as a singing teacher, taking up the vacancy of Arisa.

To replace her in the cast of dance professors was Raimondo Todaro, who this summer was the protagonist of indiscretions and rumors about her participation in Amici. Until the last moment, the presence in the former face show of Dancing with the Stars was shrouded in mystery, with conflicting rumors concerning him.

Todaro was welcomed in the studio amidst the warm applause of the audience and a slight resentment by his colleague Alessandra Celentano, who wore a black shirt with the words “Dance is one“. It is no coincidence that he chose this phrase, used a few weeks ago in a provocative tweet aimed at the dancer.

The episode started with a certain tension between the two, however softened by the dance teacher’s joke: “After all we are Alessandra and Raimondo!“. Celentano then underlined that her words were misunderstood: “When I say that dance is one I am referring to that of quality, that done well and that there are no differences between styles”.

But the hostilities were not limited to the relationship between the two dance teachers. In fact, the curtains between Rudy Zerbi and Anna Pettinelli have also returned, having quite different views regarding the singers of the school. “Isn’t there a desk further away?”, Said the professor after a few lines from his colleague. “It will be a long year, Maria”, underlined Pettinelli after yet another exchange of not exactly veiled digs.

Between clashes and discussions there were exciting moments, such as the tribute to Michele Merlo, a participant of Amici who lost his life after being struck by a cerebral hemorrhage following a fulminant leukemia. The professional dancers performed on the notes of one of his songs, moving the whole studio.

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