Amici 21, Anna Pettinelli gives no respite to LDA and crushes Albe

Amici 21, Anna Pettinelli gives no respite to LDA and crushes Albe

After the episode of “Amici” on Sunday afternoon, the tension between Anna Pettinelli and LDA continues to despair over her evaluation

LDA’s journey within Amici’s school is proving to be quite tiring, as was evident during the last episode of the Sunday afternoon special. The young singer in fact ranked among the last places during a collective challenge, because Professor Anna Pettinelli judged his performance by giving him a zero as a vote.

His friend Albe intervened in his defense, who wanted to spend a few words for Luca, telling Pettinelli that in his opinion he would not have deserved such a low grade. He even proved his friendship by proposing to challenge him in his place. Obviously after the episode LDA collapsed, not accepting to go into challenge for the umpteenth time because of the singing teacher.

LDA, the red envelope of Pettinelli

Gigi D’Alessio’s son was unable to accept Anna Pettinelli’s assessment, which he believes was too unfair. Maria De Filippi had to intervene to try to calm him down and make him think: after all, as the presenter pointed out, the career of every artist is a constant challenge.

For LDA then came a clarifying letter from the singing teacher, who decided to change his grade after seeing the desperation of the young singer: “More than once I shouted at the broadcast to tell you that zero was not an evaluation. artistic about what I heard, but it stemmed from the fact that Rudy Zerbi had suggested the idea to tackle the task I had assigned you. This is why you took zero and I have repeated it over and over again ”.

Although both Maria De Filippi and the other students explained to Luca that zero was a provocation to the colleague rather than a real evaluation, he wanted to translate that judgment into a vote. But first he did not miss the opportunity to hit both the singer and his teacher with a not exactly veiled arrow: “I pretend to forget that Rudy Zerbi gave you the idea and I rate you on what I saw. My vote is 4, because in any case you were out of tune and because the bars weren’t very good, even though they talked about me “.

The change in Pettinelli’s assessment allowed LDA to be exempted from the challenge, but the boy did not appreciate the gesture of the teacher: “It’s a strange feeling, it’s as if he had said to me: ‘Come on Luca, I’ll save you for this lap. you made me sorry ‘”.

Albe, the comparison with Anna Pettinelli

After the proposal of Albe’s challenge, Anna Pettinelli wanted to meet her student to discuss her noble gesture towards LDA. The teacher’s goal was to understand the singer’s motivation, who explained that his friend’s performance in his opinion was better than his own.

Pettinelli reiterated that her zero was assigned due to Zerbi’s suggestion to her pupil: “Luca’s problem is however that of being in tune. He would have taken 4 because he’s out of tune! I understand that you are a friend, you live there all day, you support each other, but you do not have the perception of what is happening “.

Obviously, the teacher also underlined that with his speech Albe questioned his evaluation, but despite this he tried to make him think and make him go beyond friendship: “Affection must not stop your ears, in this you are not lucid. I am sincere: calm and cool before speaking “.

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