Amici 21, clash between Peparini and Celentano: “Why judge me?”

Amici 21, clash between Peparini and Celentano: "Why judge me?"

The spirits are very tense within the school of “Amici” and a discussion between Peparini and Celentano soon turned into a quarrel

In Amici’s school, spirits are decidedly tense: the students’ desks are becoming more and more often the subject of discussion among the professors, who are ready to do anything to see the best talents with the show’s sweatshirt. The last fight saw the protagonists Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano, who certainly did not spare themselves in the tones of the heated confrontation.

Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano, what happened

The discussion between the two dance teachers was born from an envelope, that of the challenge, to Guido, a pupil of Alessandra Celentano. To send it was Veronica Peparini who, while considering the young dancer technically flawless, during the period of her stay at the school she judged the boy lacking from the expressive point of view. For this he wanted to propose a challenge with Alessio, whose style is mainly modern with a lot of proximity to hip hop.

The two teachers met to discuss the letter, clearly not appreciated by Celentano: “You didn’t even give him time to understand where he is, you saw the first performance and you have already given your sentences,” she said. Veronica replied immediately, replying with a certain irony: “I learned from the teacher Celentano, who says that it takes a moment for us in the trade to understand who we have in front of us”.

The vitriolic joke of Peparini did not like her colleague, who immediately warmed up: “To us yes, but to them, who are trying to understand where they are, who are trying to make themselves known and become familiar with this stage, this it’s another thing”.

The confrontation between the two teachers of the school soon turned into a very heated confrontation, which brought out old grudges and many unspoken ones about the teaching method and the choice of students.

Veronica Peparini and Alessandra Celentano, the tough battle

“We professors are called to find the boys who in our opinion are the right ones to enter the school and face challenges, which in any case is good for the children”, said Peparini, who wanted to reply to the accusations of her colleague, who defined too “hasty” in proposing competitions to dancers.

Celentano agreed to the challenges, but not after a single week in the school, which she said was too short a time to judge a boy: “But why is there a problem? Why do you have to judge me for the choice I made? You have done the challenges many times and sometimes you didn’t even want to see the dancers! It seems you have never done such a thing ”.

The quarrel between the two teachers went on for a long time and in the end neither Celentano nor Peparini gave in by an inch, unable to find a meeting point: the production will wait a few days before deciding between the proposals of both.

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