Anaphrodisiac foods: sugar

Anaphrodisiac foods: sugar

Sugar could be the main cause of the decrease in desire along with other important factors, here are some useful insights

Sugar has proven to be the cause of low libido predominantly in women. This is more common than you might think and there are numerous reasons why you are often not "in the mood". These factors can arise from a poor lifestyle or from environmental factors, as well as mood and stress disorders. Sometimes, in fact, fighting stress and agitation is not easy at all, but the main solution is to understand what the triggering causes are. For example, the habit of smoking and drinking can cause an imbalance of sex hormones. As a result, your ibido drops significantly. Hence, it is not surprising that diet strongly influences an individual's sex hormones. The latter, in fact, plays a fundamental role in this area. Specifically, experts believe that sugar could be the main cause of loss of sexual desire. To understand the onset of this phenomenon, it is therefore necessary to thoroughly analyze all the effects that sugar has on the body. This substance increases the insulin levels in the blood. When insulin levels are too high, they also affect the levels of the other hormones.

Consuming excess sugar causes a chain effect on sex hormones and lowers libido. Be careful, however, since healthy foods like wheat flour contain a high amount of sugar and this also affects hormone levels. There are therefore numerous aspects not to be underestimated as regards the intake of sugar. The latter also lowers testosterone levels in men and women. Of course, testosterone is the male sex hormone, but it can also be necessary for women. If you do not have a good testosterone balance, you may experience increased body fat. In addition, muscle mass is reduced, memory becomes blurred and sexual desire is not felt. At most, it has been shown that sugar increases levels of stress and low energy, not to mention the drop in blood sugar that occurs immediately after eating sweet foods. For this, special attention should be paid to the consumption of sweet foods and always prefer a rather moderate intake, avoiding exaggerations.

The best way to increase energy levels and increase your ibido is to reduce the amount of sugar, which is harmful to the nervous system. This means reducing artificial sweeteners, often present in huge quantities within a traditional diet. This way, not only does it feel better overall, but it also reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. Reducing sugar is not the only remedy to increase desire and get busy in the bedroom. It is possible to resort to other useful precautions to maintain an active sex life. First, we must try to minimize environmental toxins, as they contain endocrine disruptors that can compromise sexual desire. Plastics and chemicals or cleaning products may contain chemicals such as lead and bisphenol. Therefore, the use of natural products is essential to maintain the right balance of hormone levels.

In addition, in addition to reducing the consumption of sugar within your diet, you are advised to always choose the best foods to promote the body's health. The state of well-being and sexual life come into relationship on the basis of healthy and nutritious substances. A diet consisting of anti-inflammatory foods helps the body produce hormones in a healthy and efficient way. It is therefore necessary to opt for foods rich in phytonutrients such as vegetables, fish, nuts and seeds. Fiber-rich foods like lentils contain nutrients that stimulate libido. Another suggestion is to be particularly careful in the use of drugs. Many medicines, including antidepressants and birth control pills, can cause low libido. If you are concerned that the drugs may affect your sex life, it is a good omen to consult your doctor to find the right alternatives together. For example, following antibiotic therapy could cause intestinal problems. Therefore, the levels of bad bacteria inside the intestine must be kept to a minimum through a healthy and nutritious diet. In these cases, it is very important to associate antibiotic therapy with the intake of probiotics within the diet. The latter have the task of promoting digestion and reducing inflammation.

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