Andrea Damante, the truth about betrayals to Giulia De Lellis

Andrea Damante, the truth about betrayals to Giulia De Lellis

Andrea Damante confesses and talks about the betrayals against Giulia De Lellis

Andrea Damante breaks the silence and for the first time talks about the betrayals against Giulia De Lellis in Verissimo's study. The influencer, as is now known, has recently published a novel entitled Le corna are well on everything, but I was better off without it.

In the book, the Instagram star tells the many betrayals of the former tronista of Men and Women, the pain and the desire to be reborn. "I betrayed Giulia only twice because I succumbed to temptation – Andrea told Silvia Toffanin -. There was already no more transportation. I was wrong! On the one hand I regretted it, but I had never done it before. I learned that it is better not to do it. "

The two had met with Men and Women, then a long love story ended abruptly due to Damante's betrayals, but also, as he himself reveals, of a character incompatibility.

"We broke up because we continued to fight, not only because of the betrayals – the deejay made clear -. When I left for a job in Los Angeles I left my PC with WhatsApp connected. I think Giulia found messages exchanged with a friend of mine and I think she sensed the betrayal there. "

Silvia Toffanin then asked Damante to comment on some revelations made by De Lellis. The first concerns the calls that the influencer would have made to lovers of the boyfriend: "This story is fictionalized – he revealed -. Whether you called me I know so much about poetry. Giulia exaggerates, she is very emotional. It's not the truth. In the book the thing was a little magnified ”.

Damante then admitted that he was annoyed by some of Giulia's phrases about the diet that he was forced to follow when he was with him: "They are phrases to sell the book – he told Verissimo -. They have bothered me a lot ".

Today Giulia De Lellis is linked to Andrea Iannone, after a brief flirtation with Irama, while Damante is still single. "I took my blame," the former tronista added. I have been terribly ill. She apparently, however, had the strength to repay one, two, three times. I, on the other hand, have always been alone, also because I didn't feel like starting a story, I was still attached to her ”.

Finally Andrea commented on a possible flashback: "I don't think so – he told Silvia Toffanin -. But you never know in life. She and I have a feeling that we will try forever. It was a beautiful story. "

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