Andrea Iannone talks about Belen Rodríguez: "We have fun together"

Andrea Iannone talks about Belen Rodríguez: "We have fun together"

Andrea Iannone talks for the first time about Belen Rodriguez and their relationship, revealing how well they are together

After much gossip about their possible flirtation, Andrea Iannone decided to speak for the first time about his relationship with Belen Rodriguez. A deep friendship has been born between the MotoGp rider and the showgirl for some time, but many are ready to swear that there may be something more.

"She is a simple girl, we have fun together" replied Andrea Iannone, speaking of Belen and their relationship during an interview "And you heard how she sings in karaoke," he added. The two spent part of Rodriguez's long vacation in Ibiza together. The pilot is very close to Jeremiah, the Argentine's brother, and joined the group on the island, to have some fun with them between parties, dinners and beach days.

It seems that a good feeling was born between Belen and Iannone, but both are ready to swear that there is nothing more than a simple friendship. Although Rodriguez had even flown to Austria to support Andrea Iannone during the Grand Prix. On the other hand, Argentina has declared that it is happily single and that it wants to stay, at least for a while. The marriage with Stefano De Martino was wrecked and she has re-established relationships with Marco Borriello, her former historian.

The footballer and Belen had been pinched right in Ibiza, while they exchanged tenderness, so much so that there was talk of a flashback between the two. According to the latest news, the couple were also spotted in Cortina d'Ampezzo in a real estate agency, where Belen and Borriello said they were looking for a house in which to live their love. And if love is struggling to take the right path, Belen Rodriguez's career is now all downhill. In a few days we will see her conducting Striscia la Notizia together with Michelle Hunziker, while the second edition of Pequenos Gigantes, which will lead in prime time on Canale Cinque, seems confirmed.

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