Andrea Mainardi, the tender message to Anna Tripoli for the first wedding anniversary

Andrea Mainardi, the tender message to Anna Tripoli for the first wedding anniversary

On Instagram, Andrea Mainardi surprises Anna Tripoli with a tender message on the occasion of her first wedding

A photo and a tender message: Andrea Mainardi has chosen to celebrate the first wedding anniversary with Anna Tripoli. Just a year ago, the chef and friend of Antonella Clerici had sworn eternal love to the entrepreneur after a romantic marriage proposal that took place in front of the cameras at Big Brother Vip.

“October 12, our first anniversary. One year already … – wrote the chef – (…) I remember that moment, when you entered the Abbey with your dad, that excited smile of yours, those few meters that separated you from me, the heart that sparkled, our families and all our friends there with us … I wish that day were every day, I would like to marry you every day. It is you. I love you, your husband ”. One year after the wedding, the love between the two is even stronger and in addition to the professional successes for both, the couple's serenity has also arrived.

A young entrepreneur and successful woman, a few days ago Tripoli shared a post on Instagram in which she talked about the relationship with Andrea Mainardi on the occasion of her appointment as president of the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria Brescia.

"Girls, choose a man who is always by your side, not too far ahead so as to overshadow you and not too far behind so as not to be able to protect you – Anna had written -. Choose a man who supports you, respects you, who cheers for you, who rejoices in your achievements and who suffers from your failures. Choose who makes you feel important and who knows that following your dreams does not mean giving up being a good partner or a good wife, on the contrary it increases the desire to be together. Always be a team, not just a couple ”.

Antonella Clerici's chef friend replied: “I simply think that for a man the mission is to make his woman happy and protect her. The word that unites us is to BUILD, always supporting us and in any case (…) I always want to remember the promises we made, one of these is I promise to always be your shoulder and to protect you. Always count on me my love ”.

Andrea Mainardi, the tender message to Anna Tripoli

Andrea Mainardi, the tender message to Anna Tripoli – Source: Instagram

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