Andreas Müller has Covid but with Veronica’s love he defeats everything

Andreas Müller has Covid but with Veronica's love he defeats everything

Andreas Müller tested positive at Covid: at home he mitigates the lack of dance with Veronica’s love

The last hours for Andreas Müller were not marked by good news: the dancer from Amici di Maria De Filippi tested positive at Covid after having already spent many days at home due to the positivity of his partner Veronica Peparini and her daughter, Olivia Prolli. Days spent sharing the various moments of isolation on Instagram, in the hope of being able to return to dance and work, but for Andreas the quarantine continues and Veronica’s love seems to be the solution to the sorrow and the delicate moment.

Andreas Müller, with Veronica Peparini also finds strength for irony

A boy who is always smiling and who never reveals negativity, at least not through social media. Even in a delicate period like the one he has been experiencing in recent days, Andreas Müller finds a way to be ironic in waiting for better moments to arrive for himself and for the people he loves.

A funny video published by the two boyfriends, respectively on their Instagram profiles, which stages two different situations: Veronica, for her part, finally with a negative result for the Covid swab, while Andreas Müller, on the contrary, positive result just when it seemed that the quarantine nightmare was about to end.

A situation that no one can control, unfortunately, but the dancer certainly finds strength in the irony and love of Veronica Peparini, with whom he always appears smiling and able to find the good in everything, also and above all through videos that they help to think less, or in any case more lightly, about serious things like the lack of dance.

Andreas Müller, difficult weeks away from work

For some time in quarantine, due to the positivity to Covid of his girlfriend Veronica Peparini, prof. of Amici di Maria De Filippi, and her daughter Olivia, now the parts seem to have reversed.
A few days ago, little Olivia, born from the story between Veronica and Fabrizio Prolli, had managed to negativize herself, and to make it known it was Peparini herself through a message on Instagram: “My little one, she made it … I still don’t” , had written the dance teacher by publishing photos that portrayed them together in the period of quarantine.

A few days later, good news arrived for her too, but not for her partner Andreas Müller, who tested positive and made it known to all the fans who follow him on Instagram through stories in which he explained what happened. . “It would seem that everything ends well, were it not for the fact that I was so good that I didn’t catch Covid in 15 days, and now I have tested positive. I thought that these days were over, and instead others will begin ”, explained the dancer on his Instagram profile.

That’s right, because unfortunately the days of confinement are not over. Fortunately, the state of health is not worrying, but in Andreas’s thoughts there are dance and work, which have been left for some time now due to force majeure. Another effort, therefore, for the dancer, who in the meantime will allow himself to be comforted by Veronica’s love.

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