Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are now fighting over wine too

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are now also fighting over wine: a new court clash is starting

Angelina Jolie at the supermarket with her son: without makeup and in total black

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are now fighting over wine too. The legal battle between the stars of Hollywood, after the children, moves to the bubbles. The reason for the quarrel? The wine symbol of the love of the Brangelina of Château Miraval in Provence.

The drink, which was once considered the fruit of the bond between the two, has now ended up at the center of an intricate court confrontation. The umpteenth war between the actors was unleashed by Angelina Jolie who, together with her ex-husband, owns a share in the winery. It was 2011 when Brad bought the Château Miraval castle in Provence. The place immediately became the couple's love nest, the scene of their wedding and connected to a vineyard that produces the prized Miraval Rosè.

Now that the dream is over, however, Jolie intends to close the deal with the past and definitively. He would therefore have decided to sell his share of the company to a buyer and to do so he would have turned to the judge. As the American media reported, Angelina and Brad would have had long discussions and negotiations about their wine business, but they would not have been able to reach an agreement.

For this reason, the actress allegedly decided to sell 50% of the company to another person, effectively imposing a new partner on her ex-husband. In the documentation that the lawyers of the diva have transmitted to the court, there is a certain annoyance on the part of Jolie who says she no longer wants to be the "reluctant and ignored business partner". "Time is of the essence – it continues – because the buyer has communicated that any delay could result in his withdrawal from the deal".

Pitt is likely to oppose his ex-wife's decision, sparking a new legal battle. It was 2005 when Brad and Angelina, after a meeting on the set, began a long love story, crowned by marriage in 2014 and by six children. Then the divorce and a series of fights that don't seem destined to end very soon. At the heart of the war between the ex is not only the custody of the children, but also the immense patrimony. According to some estimates, the heritage of the Brangelina, at the time of their love, was equal to about 380 million dollars with different houses around the world, from that of New Orleans, to the castle in the south of France, to an island. on the east coast of the USA.

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