Angelina Jolie: difficulties, life after Brad Pitt and love for children

Angelina Jolie: difficulties, life after Brad Pitt and love for children

Interviewed by Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie gets naked: she talks about her life after Brad Pitt and during the pandemic, but above all about her children.

Angelina Jolie at the supermarket with her son: without makeup and in total black

Angelina Jolie, icon of the big screen and a woman of great inspiration for the female gender, gave a long interview to Vanity Fair, where she talks about her life during the pandemic, expressing sorrow for her children, who cannot fully enjoy their teenage years . After Brad Pitt, Angelina does not intend to give in to sadness: hers is a message of great hope.

"Like most families, we have had to deal with this reality." A thought, his, common to all, especially mothers who follow their children at home and push them to do their homework, to recreational activities, to pass the time. “I've never seen myself as a traditional, housewife mom,” she explains, when asked about her family days.

Jolie is a super proud mother of her children's journey: she has always supported and guided them, whatever their desire was. Freedom is a precious principle for Angelina, on which she based her being a mother. He also admits that he is trying to be more confident about the future and that he has overcome obstacles along the way.

"The last few years have been pretty difficult," he reveals, probably referring to the abrupt separation with Brad Pitt. "I am committed to putting our family back together." The divorce lawsuit between Jolie and Pitt is still pending. A breakup, theirs, which came suddenly and which unfortunately had quite negative implications.

Theirs promises to be probably the most expensive divorce in history. A scoop on the DailyMail had in fact reported that the two would have already spent more than a million dollars each. And the times are still long: it could take six years to become official.

Angelina even says she is happy to be "getting old". He feels he is about to reach a certain level of maturity and that he can only improve over time and be an important point of reference for his children. At the moment he guides them in their choices, because it is important that they can "grow in the truth, protect themselves and avoid getting hurt, without living a lie."

For now, Angelina doesn't know whether to say she's happy or not, but she knows her wounds are healing, that the scars will come one day and that she'll leave bad memories behind. Undoubtedly, having his family by his side is a source of immense joy and is the only thing that matters. "I haven't reached happiness yet." We hope that, sooner or later, the sun will rise for her too.

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