Angelina Jolie gets consoled by Johnny Depp and blocks Brad's phone number

Angelina Jolie gets consoled by Johnny Depp and blocks Brad's phone number

Johnny and Angelina united by the pain of the end of a love they had believed in

The most informed give it for sure, Angelina Jolie – just a week after the announcement of the divorce from Brad Pitt – is consoled by the beautiful Caribbean pirate Johnny Depp.

The two actors – according to the Sun – have come very close in recent weeks and it was precisely the handsome dark Johnny who advised her Laura Wasser, the lawyer who assists Angelina in the divorce from Brad. Angelina on the other hand comforts Johnny – still in the eye of the storm – for the tumultuous separation from Amber Heard. Johnny, who knows how it feels on these occasions, offers a shoulder to cry on to his friend.

Angelina and Johnny have been friends since 2010, when they filmed The Tourist together, they went very well on set, "an anonymous source told the newspaper. "Since then they have always been in contact."

Maybe Johnny is not the cause of their breakup and maybe the two still don't have a love story, but the fact is that they feel, console and comfort each other.

They have so much in common Angelina and Johnny, the end of an important love story, to have around them people who suffered because of them and maybe both are two unreliable pirates.

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