Angelina Jolie, magnetic with the leather look: Rome is at her feet

Angelina Jolie, magnetic with the leather look: Rome is at her feet

After the dream red carpet in Versace, Angelina Jolie amazed again with a leather look with which she still appeared perfect

Angelina Jolie queen of the red carpet in Rome. And Zahara steals the show from her

That Angelina Jolie is a style icon has always been clear to everyone. Yet, despite the many manifestations of elegance to which it has accustomed us for years, it still manages to amaze us and surpass itself. She did it with the dress she wore on the red carpet and that the Maison Versace made for her, and she repeated it with the one she wore for the photocall on October 25, still linked to the film Eternals.

Angelina Jolie, the leather look that makes you dream

With a knee-length dress and a strong drape on the front, Angelina Jolie has once again managed to surprise everyone with the style and refinement that accompanied her even on this very important occasion. The length and the fabric, as soft as it is tenacious, highlighted the lines of her body, also enhancing the perfect neckline.

Given the bare shoulders, Angelina Jolie opted for sandals open all over the upper that slender the ankle, already thin by nature, towards a body to be envied by all. The smile, then, was the best dress he wore in these days dedicated to the monumental Marvel film, Eternals, of which he is the protagonist.

Angelina Jolie look a Roma

Angelina Jolie look a Roma

Angelina Jolie’s Rome Film Fest was also the manifestation of great occasions. In fact, she wanted to experiment, through bold but tasteful looks, showing herself completely at ease in all the garments that the stylists she has entrusted to have thought for her.

Angelina Jolie a Roma

Angelina Jolie a Roma

Family red carpet with Shiloh and Zahara

Work has been at the center of Angelina Jolie’s arrival in Rome, but her thoughts have always turned to the family she has always clung to in order to overcome difficult times. And that’s why he also wanted to bring his daughters, Zahara and Shiloh, to the red carpet, who have grown up and are now the pride of their mother.

For Shiloh, then, the appointment was the right one to win an important challenge with herself. The little girl, who has always shown herself dressed in boy’s clothes, here decided to try wearing a dress that she toned down with colorful sneakers. What was also surprising was his strong resemblance to his father, Brad Pitt.

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