Angelina Jolie reborn after divorce. And he wants to fight Pitt

Angelina Jolie reborn after divorce. And he wants to fight Pitt

Angelina Jolie has been reborn and the credit is also due to her work. With Brad Pitt, however, the battle is not over yet

Angelina Jolie at the supermarket with her son: without makeup and in total black

Dealing with a divorce is never easy. And many were the difficulties also encountered by Angelina Jolie, who after making millions and millions of people around the world dream with her love story with Brad Pitt and their wonderful family, decided to say goodbye to the actor. But, even after the darkest moments, the sun always shines again.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt fell in love in 2005, on the set of Mr. and Mr Smith. A great passion, theirs, which also cost him numerous criticisms. The actor, in fact, was then married to Jennifer Aniston and, with her, formed one of the most famous couples in showbiz. When the feelings are strong, not even the fiercest gossip can stop them and, so, in 2014 they got married in a fairytale ceremony.

A fairy tale, however, destined to end in the worst way. As is now known, the love between the two actors is now a distant memory and their relations have deeply deteriorated. The separation was not easy at all and Jolie never hid the emotional difficulties she had to face and the strength she had to show, especially for her 6 children.

To help her, her job. Soon, Those Who Wish Me Dead, a drama film in which Jolie plays Hannah Faber, a guilty woman who has the task of protecting a young boy who inadvertently witnesses a murder, will be released in theaters. A difficult role, but which Angelina defined as 'curative' and which she managed to play precisely because she too suffered and then got up.

In short, the Jolie is finally reborn. The divorce from Brad Pitt is anything but a closed chapter. The actress said, in fact, that she had separated for the sake of her children and that she was ready to battle her ex in court. He wants to show that the last few years spent together have not been happy at all and that the actor would have become the protagonist of domestic violence. Heavy accusations that Pitt categorically denies.

Angelina Jolie will therefore still have to fight a lot to make her truth triumph. What is evident, however, is the strength it has managed to find. A positive state of mind, which pours everything into his work and the growth of his children.

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