Angelina Jolie to women victims of violence: "Look for allies"

Angelina Jolie to women victims of violence: "Look for allies"

Angelina Jolie's appeal to women victims of violence and to those who can help them is an incentive to do more.

Angelina Jolie, 45 years old and is always the most beautiful: her loves

There are women for whom the approach of the Christmas holidays does not generate joy, but fear. Women to whom the thought of being alone with their man takes their breath away. They are the victims of violence and abuse, those who in the silence of their homes and in the indifference of those around them fear for their lives every day.

The touching speech that Angelina Jolie made at the 2nd International Conference on Action with Women and Peace in Seoul is dedicated to them, in which she directly addresses governments to act with serious, lasting and effective measures regarding gender equality, gender equality. A theme on which "we are still centuries behind".

“The truth is that a woman's life is not valued in the same way as a man's, and this is more true than we are willing to admit. Sexual violence is a manifestation of this reality, "said the actress.

A bitter truth, a fact, which pushes the actress and activist to point the finger at governments and leaders who show their commitment "up to a certain point". That is, as long as the issue of discrimination (and violence against women) does not conflict with economic affairs or political interests. And that is why, according to the star, we are still so far behind, that violence has grown exponentially during the pandemic and that the number of people facing conflict and persecution (half of which are women and children) has doubled. in ten years.

“We do not take domestic or gender-based violence equally seriously enough everywhere. And we often underestimate the trauma and suffering inflicted on children who witness this violence in their homes, "said Angelina Jolie, who has six children, in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar.

It is a question of mentality, it is often said. But the mentality changes. With actions, with good examples, with education, with culture. And above all, with awareness. Of the rulers, who can and must do more. Individuals, who must be more attentive to others. Of the victims themselves, who must build a support network in order to escape their executioners.

“Talk to someone. Try to find allies, someone to contact in an emergency. For example, you can agree on a code word with a friend or a family member, which makes them understand that you are in danger, "suggests the actress. But it goes further: “Start building contacts and acquiring knowledge. It's sad to say, but you can't assume that all your friends and family will want to believe or support you. "

It is in these words that the drama of a condition is summed up, that of women who are victims twice, of the violence suffered and the indifference of those around them, of those who should protect them, defend them and who often, instead, turn away from other party or pretends not to see.

And sometimes it is precisely this dynamic that triggers in the victims the feeling of deserving what they are undergoing, of being responsible in some way for their condition. Because when you find yourself alone, it is hard to estrange yourself, to think clearly, to understand what is really happening. And it is a mechanism that comes into operation more often than we think, even for women who we see strong and upright from the outside.

Everyone can and should ask someone for help. “Often it will be a stranger to help you. Or other victims, support groups, faith groups. Only you really know how much danger you are and until you find outside support, you will feel alone, ”says Jolie, who recently lost a major battle in the lawsuit with Brad Pitt.

On the other hand, how should anyone who discovers that a friend, colleague or family member is a victim of abuse should behave?

“Try to stay close to people who seem vulnerable to you. Let them know you are there. Try to study. Go and see what abuse and domestic violence are. Learn how such trauma can affect health and affect children especially. Take these matters seriously, ”replies the star.

And this is where we go back to the beginning. To education, to culture. Because gender-based violence, domestic violence are not random or distant topics. They are closer and more real than we think. We need to know. We must be ready. And we need to feel involved. All.

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