Anna Tatangelo, a very sweet mother on Instagram, dedicates it to her son: "You made me and you make me a better person"

Anna Tatangelo, a very sweet mother on Instagram, dedicates it to her son: "You made me and you make me a better person"

First Communion for the son born from the relationship between Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'Alessio, the excited words of the mother

Anna Tatangelo after leaving Gigi D’Alessio: on Instagram she is always more beautiful

Proud and happy, Anna Tatangelo does not hide the emotion: that of a mother who lives with her son an important step in life.

With a long dedication and some beautiful images, Lady Tata celebrated on Instagram the First Communion of her son Andrea, born from the long relationship she had with the singer Gigi D’Alessio.

And they are words full of joy: that of a mother who sees her son getting older every day and that tell how much the singer separates real life from that linked to her profession.

“There is Instagram, there are stages, newspapers, there are those who speak and do not know me… then there is real Life, you exist. You made me and you make me a better person, a mother who is not afraid of often being silent because she is afraid of hurting you as a result … Today is an important day, today I look at you and I see a little man growing up, a little man I am grateful, because it has changed my life … you fill it with cuddles, smiles, and you know how to calm me even when sometimes I think I burst out, you manage with your eyes to stop me and make me think. You're growing up Andrea, I see a great sensitivity in you and this makes me happy! I can only tell you that mom will always be there for you and that I will always do everything to see you smile and to smile with you. I love you more than my life! Greetings my love!".

A very sweet and emotional dedication from mother Anna Tatangelo to her Andrea who turned ten in March. Sora's singer doesn't usually talk too much about her private life on social media, but on important occasions she doesn't give up writing deep thoughts to dedicate to her loved ones.

And for Andrea's Communion there was no shortage of wishes not only from the fans, but also from many colleagues and VIPs, among which Nek's one who celebrated his daughter's communion with his family.

Gigi D’Alessio also dedicated special words to his son Andrea. In an Instagram post, accompanied by a beautiful picture together, he wrote: “My puppy today received a great gift, the medicine for eternal life. His first communion. May God always guide you on the path of life. Best wishes my life ”.

Anna Tatangelo son

Source: Instagram Anna Tatangelo

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