Anna Tatangelo, first single nights: on Instagram she is super sexy

Anna Tatangelo on Instagram appeared super [email protected] and with a breathtaking look for the first single nights

Super [email protected] and with a great desire to have fun: this is how Anna Tatangelo appeared in the last few days. Those who follow her on Instagram have had the opportunity to see that the singer flew to Milan for a long weekend of carefree (single), in the company of friends, perhaps to forget the pains of love. In fact, Livio Cori is absent: one year after the officialization of their story, it seems that the two have decided to leave.

Super [email protected] Anna Tatangelo: the breathtaking black dress

A long weekend of fun and carefree what Anna Tatangelo is spending: the singer flew to Milan to enjoy a few days of relaxation in the company of some friends, and showed off a truly breathtaking look.

In fact, on Instagram he is immortalizing the best moments of these last hours, among the most fashionable clubs in the city for perfect single nights. And Sora’s singer appeared simply wonderful: on Friday night she wore high heels, tight white and black pants and a simple black shirt, which however highlighted her curves.

Together with her Andrea Amara, her personal stylist and great friend, who took her back showing the outfit for the evening. In support of the short film Amara wrote the cryptic phrase “Anna is back“: it could be an allusion to Tatangelo’s single return, who at least apparently is radiant and in splendid shape.

For her Saturday evening, however, Anna wanted to amaze with a tight-fitting black longuette dress, with a very original neckline, which also in this case highlighted her perfect body. The singer, once again in the company of her stylist, spent a wonderful evening, suggesting us how to react to a breakup: after all, what’s better, to forget the disappointments of love, than spending time having fun with your friends?

Anna Tatangelo, the end of love with Livio Cori

At the moment neither confirmations nor denials have arrived from those directly involved, yet all the clues seem to lead to the end of the love between Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori. A totally unexpected news, since only a few days ago, the singer shared a shot with her partner, who portrayed them happy and smiling, accompanied by words with honey: “It doesn’t matter who I was or who you will be because I know that now” we are ” “.

The couple had formalized the relationship just a year ago, but that a feeling had blossomed between the two was already clear to gossip fans for some time. Anna seemed to have found a smile with her Livio, especially after the troubled end of the story with the ex Gigi D’Alessio: although the details of their love life were not known – they have always maintained a certain reserve about it – Tatangelo and Cori seemed to be in love.

“It’s a story that started in the most unexpected way possible, because I was super cynical, a little bit disappointed. But this relationship grows every day, and I grow every day too. I’m in love, I’m fine. He makes me feel very good, he makes me laugh and I’m happy ”, the singer of Sora told Verissimo just a few weeks ago.

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