Anna Tatangelo, her slip dress is trendy. And it distances itself from D'Urso

Anna Tatangelo gorgeous on Instagram with the black slip dress that only she knows how to wear. And clarifies the alleged replacement of Barbara D'Urso

Anna Tatangelo, gorgeous in costume: photos on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo shares some photos on Instagram and her black slip dress becomes the trend of the summer. On the other hand, only she knows how to wear it with the right mix of elegance, style and sensuality.

But Sora's singer isn't just a trendsetter. At the end of May she launched her new album, AnnaZero (READ OUR INTERVIEW), she went on vacation for the first time with her son but without Gigi D'Alessio and distances herself from Barbara D'Urso in view of her new program in September, Scenes from a wedding.

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Anna Tatangelo talks about her summer on Instagram. After the one-piece swimsuit, take your breath away again with a long black slip dress with a shiny fabric. It is one of the most classic models, practical and perfect for summer. A versatile garment, ideal for a dinner or a beach party, which does not need complicated accessories to define the look. And despite its essentiality, it does not lack refinement.

Soft and enveloping at the same time, the Tatangelo dress focuses on the sculpted décolleté. She wears it without necklaces, simply coordinating it with a pair of stylized earrings and a few bracelets. The photos are very popular with followers who rush to compliment her. "Wonderful" and "stupendous" are the adjectives most used to describe it.

Meanwhile, in an interview with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni, Anna Tatangelo talks about her autumn commitments. In September we will see her as the host of Scenes from a marriage, the program that in the nineties was conducted by Mengacci. The broadcast will be broadcast on Sunday afternoon instead of Barbara D’Urso and this had sparked controversy and rumors about rivalries and preferences.

However, Tatangelo immediately wanted to clarify by distancing herself from such criticisms and specifying that it is not at all a replacement. "Some have said that I replaced Barbara d’Urso on Sunday afternoon. But ours are programs that have nothing in common, mine will be on the road, without studio and guests ". And then he reiterated: “I don't like controversy at all”.

Waiting to see her on TV, Anna is enjoying her holidays, alone for the first time with her son Andrea, born from the relationship with Gigi D’Alessio. “I finally went on vacation alone with my son, it had never happened before. And in October, if possible, we will go to Disneyland Paris, I promised him two years ago ".

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Anna Tatangelo

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