Anna Tatangelo judge of All Together Now, rediscovered independence

Anna Tatangelo judge of All Together Now, rediscovered independence

Anna Tatangelo is back on TV as judge of "All Together Now" and once again amazes us with her strength

Anna Tatangelo after leaving Gigi D’Alessio: on Instagram she is always more beautiful

A new look, a new adventure, but above all a new life: Anna Tatangelo is back on TV with All Together Now. Michelle Hunziker wanted her by her side in the music show in which she plays the role of judge and promises sparks with Francesco Renga. Beautiful, but first of all talented, Anna has revolutionized her life in recent years, building, with effort and courage, an image that is very different from that shy girl who fell in love with Gigi D'Alessio, ending up in the meat grinder of gossip.

Since then – it was 2006 – many years have passed and Anna Tatangelo has been able to transform and reinvent herself like never before. From "Gigi D’Alessio's partner", the singer has become an appreciated artist, with a long career, successful songs and the desire to experiment. Anna's latest "madness" is the transition to rap, after songs such as Girl from the suburbs and Doubly fragile, but also a brand new look that tells of a profound inner change rather than outer.

After the crisis and the return of the flame, Tatangelo said goodbye to Gigi D’Alessio. The separation from the companion of a life marked the beginning of a journey made of awareness and rebirth. The brunette Anna has disappeared, to become very blond and, if possible, even more beautiful. But the biggest change was the internal one, with the singer who threw herself headlong into new musical projects, far from her style, and accepted the challenge of All Together Now. As a woman who has always been judged for her bond with Gigi D’Alessio, she turned into a judge, in a game of mirrors that marked a real revolution.

Because Anna is not a woman who pulls back, but rather throws herself and fights to the end. At All Together Now she will once again show her sincerity, the desire to tell the person behind the character and to be free, always and in any case. “I found a sort of freedom of expression thanks to this new musical project that I had in my drawer for a couple of years – he recently confessed to Repubblica -. When in the collective imagination they see you in a certain way, I was 'the girl from the suburbs', it's not easy. My friends know who I am and what I can do, but before I was afraid of judgments and prejudices. I found myself thanks to music: in this moment of general confusion it is an important foothold ".

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