Anna Tatangelo, long dedication to her son: "Proud to be your mother"

Anna Tatangelo, long dedication to her son: "Proud to be your mother"

The splendid Anna Tatangelo wrote a long letter to her son Andrea, "mature and responsible just like a little man"

Anna Tatangelo after the farewell to Gigi D’Alessio: on Instagram she is more and more beautiful

Anna Tatangelo never misses an opportunity to write wonderful dedications on Instagram, addressed to the most important people in her life. This time his words are all for his beloved son Andrea, born eleven years ago from a long relationship with singer Gigi D’Alessio.

Just read the opening words of the long letter – published close to the birthday of the little boy, born on March 31, 2010 – to be overwhelmed by a great emotion: "I often hear that behind a woman there is a man, and vice versa … I can actually saying that behind the woman I am there is you. I have been looking for you and I have wanted you strongly from a young age and for this I am grateful ”.

Andrea for the splendid Anna is a certainty, the person who changed her life forever by giving her an infinite love that no other man can ever equal. The words of the singer are imbued with a profound feeling, that of a mother who is proud of her little man who is growing visibly.

"You don't know how much good you do me, how much strength and balance you give me, I can find myself every time I see you smile", Tatangelo continues in the Instagram post. “We've spent almost two years full of changes and obviously this pandemic hasn't been easy (I still have a trip to Disneyland pending, but I promise you we'll do)”. The singer refers to the difficult period she lived, following the final separation from Gigi D’Alessio. After 15 years of relationship, it was not easy to reconstruct the pieces of an entire life, but she did it with strength and the credit was also due to little Andrea, always by her side.

The beautiful Anna, a mother in love with her wren, owes a lot to her beloved son: "Over time, I learned to always find the best side of things and, perhaps, reflecting carefully this period has united us more than ever, it has given us the opportunity to talk a lot and sometimes I am amazed at your being so mature and responsible just like a little man ”.

These beautiful words accompany a small collage that the singer made, choosing four photographs that trace Andrea's growth. Big smiles and tender hugs, with the knowledge that this love will never end. "Thank you my love because I am proud to be your mom and I am happy every day to have you in my life", concluded the singer by simply signing "Mom". And that final little heart contains all the essence of her deep love for Andrea.

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