Anna Tatangelo shines on Domenica In, Gigi D’Alessio reacts on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo shines on Domenica In, Gigi D’Alessio reacts on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo tells Domenica In about the new life after the farewell to Gigi D'Alessio: the singer reacts on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo shines on Domenica In and Gigi D’Alessio reacts on Instagram. Sora's singer was a guest of Mara Venier's living room to celebrate 18 years of career. The interview was also an opportunity to tell about his new life after his farewell to the Neapolitan artist. A breakup that came after a flashback and over ten years of love.

After the end of the relationship with Gigi, Anna changed her look, focusing on very blond hair, and presented herself to her audience in an unprecedented version as a rapper, achieving success with Guapo. "When I saw you for the first time singing Guapo, that you were moving like that, I thought 'Is Anna crazy?' I was wondering 'But is it Anna?'. I didn't recognize you ”, said Venier and Tatangelo confirmed that she felt a lot changed:“ In reality, the real Anna came out – she said -. The one you see today, who smiles more, has fun and has found more or less a balance […] The inner change affects the musical choices. But I must say that it was positively received ”.

Tatangelo also spoke about the flirtations attributed to him this summer. “I've stopped denying, so people talk the same. Maybe I did it before, ”he clarified. At these words Venier explained: "I know many things that I will never say, but I know your suffering, I have lived it, you have been good, courageous, strong, I have great admiration for you and I have told you in unsuspecting times ".

If many have commented on Anna Tatangelo's interview with Domenica In, Gigi D’Alessio has once again chosen the path of silence. While in the past, even during the couple crisis, the singer had always talked about the ex, now he seems determined to move forward and focus on new goals. On Instagram the artist has published a shot in which he signs the album Buongiorno, while in the Stories you can see the numerous fans of Gigi singing his songs. No reference to private life, farewell to his partner or their relationship today. Now more than ever the exes have chosen to keep everything about them private.

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