Anna Tatangelo speaks for the first time about Livio Cori: “I’m in love”

Anna Tatangelo speaks for the first time about Livio Cori: "I'm in love"

To the microphones of “Verissimo”, Anna Tatangelo tells her love for Livio Cori for the first time

Anna Tatangelo could not be happier: a brilliant career and a recently released album, many new television commitments and finally love. In the sitting room of Silvia Toffanin, guest of the Sunday episode of Verissimo, she decided to talk about herself without filters, talking for the first time about her relationship with Livio Cori, the man who has returned to make her heart beat faster.

Anna Tatangelo, love for Livio Cori

Like a bolt from the blue, after the difficult break with Gigi D’Alessio, the beautiful singer has found love again. His name is Livio Cori, and he is a young rapper who, apparently, knew how to touch the right strings to make her fall in love. Anna Tatangelo came out into the open a few months ago, but only to Verissimo’s microphones she decided to break the silence on her love story, confiding some romantic details to Silvia Toffanin.

“My life has always been in the spotlight. This is something that I wanted to live in absolute tranquility “- admitted Tatangelo, explaining why she wanted to wait before going out into the sunlight next to Livio -” For me the absolute priority was that he and my son knew each other and create a relationship, before living this story in a free way “. A decision, his, aimed at protecting Andrea: “I simply wanted him to know before the others”.

And that’s exactly how it went: Anna started dating Livio in recent months, and as soon as things got a little more serious, the singer wanted her son to know him. “I was full of doubts, because when a relationship ends and there are children in the middle you look for maximum protection, for me it was a concern to start a story again” – confessed Tatangelo “-” The two of them found each other immediately, and it is a which made me feel good ”.

Anna Tatangelo and Livio Cori, how they met

This is a happy moment for Anna: if on the professional front everything is going well, between the debut of Scenes from a wedding and the return to the jury of All Together Now, in her love life she is certainly not far behind. Speaking of Livio Cori, Tatangelo revealed that she had already met him some time ago: “We had known each other for years, we did a Sanremo together but we didn’t really calculate. Then we met in the studio and worked together. We found each other again, and from what comes what “.

A beautiful love, theirs, born really suddenly: “It is a story that began in the most unexpected way possible, because I was super cynical, a little disappointed. And yet this relationship grows every day, and I grow every day too. I’m in love, I’m fine. He makes me feel very good, he makes me laugh and I’m happy ”. And he hasn’t been hiding for some time now, happy as ever: “When they caught us, and my son was there, it was a relief for me because at that moment I said to myself: ‘Ok, now I can live this story ‘”.

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