Anna Tatangelo, special Sunday with her son: her casual chic look is a dream

Anna Tatangelo, special Sunday with her son: her casual chic look is a dream

Elegant and beautiful even in jeans, Anna Tatangelo spent a beautiful day with her son Andrea

Between comfort and elegance, Anna Tatangelo has no doubts: her casual chic look is perfect for a Sunday afternoon to spend with the family, without having to give up a touch of style and refinement that she never fails. And this is exactly how the singer showed herself on social media, giving us some snapshots of her daily life next to her son Andrea.

Anna Tatangelo, a look to imitate

Can a simple pair of jeans, the casual garment par excellence, become a (fundamental) part of an elegant and modern look at the same time? Anna Tatangelo proves it to us, showing off on Instagram an outfit absolutely to be imitated: what she offers us is the perfect starting point for a day full of fun, where it is not only style that counts, but also comfort. The artist has in fact chosen jeans with simple and soft lines, with a straight leg – ideal for slimming the silhouette, even if Lady Tata doesn’t really need it.

To transform her look from casual to chic, all she had to do was go for a delightful, very light white sweater with a round neckline. It is a garment that we should all have in the wardrobe, because it is extremely versatile (and, as Anna showed us, great for really turning any outfit). And since the rigors of winter are not giving us respite, Tatangelo has paired us with a very nice jacket in white fur, warm and very soft. To top it all off, she chose a pair of sneakers – also white – and a dark cap with yellow embroidery, which even give it a sporty tone.

Anna Tatangelo, a fun afternoon

Anna Tatangelo’s Sunday afternoon could not have been better. He spent it with his son Andrea, born almost 12 years ago from his love story with Gigi D’Alessio. Together they darted on the scooter through the streets of Rome, enjoying a day full of fun. And then they warmed up in a bar, to rest for a while before leaving in a great way. These are undoubtedly the favorite activities of Tatangelo, who is enjoying her little man already so grown up. On the other hand, the artist is experiencing a truly golden moment.

Having left behind the difficult break with Gigi, many months ago he found a smile again next to Livio Cori. He is the young rapper who made her fall in love, and according to some rumors the two are already making tests of coexistence. They certainly spent the Christmas holidays together, and it seems that Livio has also managed to win the heart of little Andrea. Mom Anna couldn’t be happier, and that is also reflected on the professional side. His latest album is doing great, and in the past few months he has brought home many interesting projects.

Tatangelo has in fact reconfirmed herself as the jury of All Together Now, the musical show so loved by the public. And – new this season – he hosted the Scenes from a Wedding program. Its second edition was supposed to debut in these days, but due to the health emergency there were some delays in filming. So we should wait a little longer before seeing it again on TV, but it will definitely be worth it.

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