Anna Tatangelo talks about the redone breast: "It does not make femininity"

Anna Tatangelo talks about the redone breast: "It does not make femininity"

At almost 30 years Lady Tatangelo takes stock of her life. He does not regret the décolleté redone at 18 but now he knows that "sensuality is not in a nice pair of boobs"

Anna Tatangelo: loves, looks and suspicious similarities

Anna Tatangelo is about to turn 30 and makes a first assessment of her life. In particular, in a long interview with Grazia she comes back to talk about the decision to remake her breasts, very young, at just 18 years old, surprising everyone a little and provoking numerous criticisms. A choice she has not regretted, but certainly the perspective with which she considers it is now totally different.

It is clear that for a singer, always in the limelight, having a top physique is important. So Lady Tata said: "I did my breasts at the age of 18. A pair of large breasts seemed more feminine to me. That's all. A century has passed since that choice and it went well. Now I also know that sensuality is not in a nice pair of boobs. ”

Gigi D'Alessio thinks about making her feel a woman today, who also declared in Sunday Live's lounge led by Barbara D’Urso to love Anna very much. Against the rumors that he and Tatangelo wanted in crisis. And then there is the son Andrea who turned 6 on 25 November.

Despite being a companion and a satisfied mother, Anna Tatangelo does not give up her independence: "I want to complete myself, to try other ways, I cannot think of myself as infinite. Above all, I want to rediscover my funniest, most ironic part. The one that nobody knows. " Without forgetting his sensual side, as shown by the mischievous shots he publishes on his social profiles.

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