Anna Tatangelo, the sweet dedication to dad on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo, the sweet dedication to dad on Instagram

Anna Tatangelo loves dad Dante and shared a very sweet post on Instagram that confirms it: "If today I have so much it's only thanks to you"

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Anna Tatangelo is very attached to her family and on the occasion of Father's Day she shared a very special dedication on Instagram. A daughter in love with a father, Dante Tatangelo, who has always supported her in her choices and to whom she owes her passion for music and singing and, in fact, her success.

“Many times they ask me how my love for music began, how it all began… and who gave me a hand to believe in myself. Suddenly you come to mind, Dad ”, writes the splendid singer originally from Sora. Tatangelo started at a very young age to take her first steps on the stage, thanks to her father Dante. And she explains it to us in the beautiful dedication to her father: "You enrolled me in a thousand competitions, including the Zecchino D'Oro, even if once I got there I didn't want to sing 'Forty-four cats' preferring 'Men don't change' by Mia Martini , and I went away crying ”.

Memories of a little girl who is now a woman, but who does not forget the efforts and sacrifices of father Dante and mother Palmira, always by her side for better or for worse. In the Instagram post, Tatangelo reveals how intuitive her father was, how she immediately understood that this was definitely the right path for her: "I don't really know how old I was, I don't know how you recognized my potential, the more there I think and the more I answer with an 'I don't know', but of one thing I am sure… you have always seen me as a true singer, as a prodigy ”.

Dante Tatangelo and his wife Palmira are an indestructible couple, very far from the spotlight despite the great success of their daughter Anna. So much so that they continue to manage a pastry shop in Sora, famous not so much for Anna's songs as for the delicacies she prepares.

The singer took the opportunity for this long dedication to her father not only for the party of March 19, but also because it was her birthday. And in the post he also told his many followers a very sweet anecdote, which underlines the great bond that unites them.

"At 14 we boarded a train traveling all night with a lot of fever and plaques to try to get, out of 5,000 people, to the Sanremo Festival among the 8 finalists who would then participate in Sanremo Giovani", wrote Tatangelo . "Fortunately everything went well and we even won that Festival a few months later in 2002. I don't know how you transmitted your love for music to me, but if today I have had so much and I have so much it is only thanks to you and I will always be there for you grateful ".

Every father is a hero for his daughter, the first love and the only one who remains forever, even when one becomes an adult. And Anna Tatangelo demonstrates with her words how lucky she was to have a father who has always supported and encouraged her to follow her dreams, even when she didn't know she had any. What every good parent, after all, should do for their children.

Anna Tatangelo and her father Dante

Anna Tatangelo on Instagram: the sweet dedication to dad Dante

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