Anna Valle, the men of her life: father, brother and husband

Anna Valle, the men of her life: father, brother and husband

A childhood away from his father and his brother Renio, then happiness alongside Ulysses: the actress Anna Valle and the men in her life

Sweet smile, bewitching look and a talent that has been able to cultivate over time, consecrating it one of the queens of Italian fiction. Anna Valle is a true force of nature, a measured and elegant woman who with her innate class over time has won the hearts of the public. The former Miss Italy is currently on the small screen with the new season of La Compagnia del Cigno, in which she plays the role of Irene Valeri alongside Alessio Boni, in the role of conductor Luca Marioni.

Not just scenic fiction in the life of the splendid Anna, marked by a difficult childhood and her relationship with the three men in her life. The actress first lived in Ladispoli in Lazio, then after the separation of her parents she moved to Lentini, Sicily, with her mother Marisa Ferrante and her sister Antonella, who was three years younger than her. The father and his brother Renio, on the other hand, remained in Lazio and the distance was not exactly easy.

Some time ago she talked about it in an interview with the weekly Vero: "I certainly did not grow up on a happy island. As a child I would not have wanted my parents to separate and not suffer ". Last year in the studies of Come to Me he took up the subject again, explaining how complicated such a change was for a girl of only 13 years. "Every now and then I would join my father and my brother as soon as possible," said the actress, but in fact she never saw her family together again.

Despite this, both the father and the mother tried not to make Anna and her brothers lack anything. "They have always been there and made us feel their love and their presence – said the actress interviewed by Silvia Toffanin to Verissimo -. (…) Surely they taught us to be present for their children, to talk, to tell things (…) Talking with their children is not something that happens overnight, it is a relationship that must be built by very little ones, it is which I learned unconsciously, ”said the actress.

Anna Valle is a very reserved woman who does not like to talk about her private life. And in fact, not much else is known about the father or the brother. Instead, she got a little more unbalanced on her husband Ulisse Lendaro, with whom she got married in 2008.

Theirs is a splendid love story, born in the name of the passion that unites them: acting. In an interview with Grazia, the actress recounted the magical moment of their first meeting, which took place in Vicenza while she was staging Le Troiane. Ulysses was in the audience and as a good observer – as well as film director and producer – he noticed her immediately. First the spark, then a long and very sweet courtship from him.

As stated by the actress herself, her husband is a very present man in the family, especially with their children Ginevra and Leonardo. The couple is firm and united by a truly enviable relationship, also sealed by the common passion for cinema and entertainment. In fact, Ulysses is not only a lawyer but has also taken part in numerous productions both as a producer and director, and as an actor.

Anna Valle has left behind a difficult past and today she is happy and satisfied more than ever, both in work and in private life. “I feel every day more passionate and in love with both Anna and especially with this new life,” said her husband Ulisse when they were expecting their first daughter. And yes, Anna is a very lucky woman.

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