Antenatal or pregnant massage: the benefits

Antenatal or pregnant massage: the benefits

Let's find out what prenatal massage is, a specific manipulation that gives relief to pregnant women

Massage is an art that has been handed down for centuries and has evolved, perfected and transformed with them. It is therefore not surprising that specific massages are created for each ailment or symptomatology that aim to restore well-being. Antenatal massage, also called massage in pregnancy, is a specific type of manipulation that allows the pregnant woman to reduce stress and release muscle tension. After all, pregnancy is a very delicate, very natural and at the same time very peculiar moment in a woman's life. According to experts, who still fight to proclaim the validity of the method, prenatal massage is a technique that, if well done, really helps the woman to get relief from the small ailments of pregnancy. It goes without saying that even before planning one, it is essential to make sure that whoever performs it is a competent, experienced and qualified person, who can put us at ease and protect the health of mother and child.

The massage practiced during pregnancy helps fight anxiety and generates a widespread sensation of physical pleasure that is good for both mother and unborn child. This manipulation therefore allows a significant reduction of hormonal pressure on the nervous and psychological system, promoting the natural transformation of the body and, in various cases, reducing the onset of stretch marks. The massage stimulates and activates blood circulation, making the skin more elastic and less prone to damage.

Antenatal massage is not so different from the classic western one. To change is the position of the woman, who must be supine or lying on her side in such a way as to identify a posture that is comfortable for both her and the child. The qualified masseur will have all the necessary skills to perform the manipulation in a conscious way, protecting the health of mother and child. The massage in pregnancy aims to pamper the pelvic region, the spine and the back muscles, that is, some of the most affected and stressed areas of the body in pregnancy.

An antenatal massage can be of great benefit for the future mother, reducing the onset of insomnia and promoting the natural relaxation of the body and mind. In addition, it provides relief to the joints, neck and back, helping to maintain a healthy posture. Massage during pregnancy is also very useful to relieve sciatic nerve pain, headache and swelling of the hands and feet, very frequent symptoms of the advanced state of interest.

This massage, although beneficial, however has some contraindications. Before booking one, therefore, it is important to discuss it with your gynecologist. In fact, there are situations in which it is good to refrain from massage, such as in case of high pressure, abdominal pain or diabetes.

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