Anti-aging: the right words to stop time


Feel young people it’s a question of mindset. And some positive affirmations they help stop the passage of time. “Words are a fundamental vehicle of emotions,” he explains Maria Beatrice Toro, psychotherapist and writer in Rome. “This is why they have great power over the mood, also influencing our attitudes. In fact, in life it is the mind that dominates the body and it is what we believe to create reality “.

Thus, telling us to be young we will feel young for real and we will automatically enter the right, vital and enthusiastic spirit. “It is important, however, utter the inspiring phrases of youth out loud so that they are persuasive or write them down, ”suggests the psychotherapist. “Furthermore, they must be repeated at least ten times a day for at least a week “.

Here’s what you need to tell yourself

Find out what are the phrases that help you feel young.

  • My true age is what I feel and it corresponds to me internally.

    It is an affirmation of power, it makes you experience age as it most reflects you freeing yourself from the dependence on external factors how can the registry office or the passing of time be. Remember that age is biological, not chronological: assume, therefore, a mental attitude for which you decide how old you are and don’t let the convention decide for you.

  • Energy runs through my body and leads me to live 100%.

    As you say this sentence visualize energy as a force moving within you and confirms your youth. Feel active, dynamic, powerfull: this statement it will lead you to be more flexible and it will make you feel more energetic. Most importantly: you will bring out the youth that it is already within you.

  • Self-esteem and self-confidence grow day by day.

    With this statement give a positive value to the passing of time: when we are young we are convinced that the future will be better, going forward with age, however, we are more resigned. This sentence brings you back to the concept that the days enrich youas you grow up you become more aware, discover different aspects of yourself and face new challenges.

  • They are in harmony with the changing times.

    This statement allows you tolet go of regret, you will no longer see what is missing but what is added to your life gradually. You will be open to change living it as a source of renewal and abandoning the spirit of conservation.

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