Anti-cellulite products: when to apply them

The fight is always open against cellulite: are you sure you know what to apply day and night?

Two cellulite-killing ingredients: we have them at home

If you think the fight against cellulite is postponed until next spring, you're wrong. Never let your guard down, especially when the holidays are near. The New Year's Eve is fast approaching and if you don't want to present yourself with an underarm and containment garter belt – only a woman has had a blatant fortune in life with cellulite and is called Bridget Jones – it's time to start the countdown. On your side you have the timing: there are products to be used in the morning and others to be preferred for the evening, so don't make mistakes. Drink plenty of water on the sidelines, avoid salt and smoke, fill up with detoxifying and draining herbal teas and walk a lot.

Ingredients for the morning cream

In the morning you prefer a cream that is easily absorbed and stimulates fluid drainage and metabolism. The non plus ultra of anti-cellulite creams is the caffeine that drains and deflates in all contexts. If you drink a coffee, in fact, you realize that after a few minutes you have the real feeling of being full of liquids: the same thing happens on your skin. Caffeine is associated with the horse chestnut which facilitates lymphatic drainage, orange blossoms and escin, a protective vessel. Degreasers are pineapple, rose vine extract and brown algae that reactivate the metabolism thanks to the presence of iodine. Iodine can be a cumbersome presence for those suffering from even underground thyroid related diseases: so if you suspect, avoid this ingredient. Certainly, centella asiatica instead improves blood circulation, therefore it is a valid aid during the day.

Ingredients for the evening cream

In the evening it is important to act calmly and for the duration of the night working on two fronts: counteracting water retention and fat deposits and smoothing and firming the skin. Metabolism at night is slowed down so a good dose of caffeine is always needed, along with the horse chestnut. Again you can find the birch that counteracts the stagnation of water and toxins, retinol and ceramides that firm up the skin and hydrate, green tea and ginko biloba that tone and have an antioxidant and stimulating action. Sea salt is a good natural substance that counteracts water retention and is very effective when combined with other substances.

The fight against orange peel lasts all year, the only thing you can do to get less bored is to change product from morning to night!

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