Anti-heat diet: here are the right foods to fight the heat

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With rising temperatures, you need to follow an anti-heat diet: here are the right foods to fight the heat and experience it to the fullest.

With the mercury rising it is important to adjust one diet that helps the body defend itself from the heat. There anti-heat diet it is therefore necessary when the temperatures rise so as to counteract the effects.

anti-heat diet

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But what are the foods to prefer when these hot days arrive? In the meantime, it is important to choose those foods rich in water that help fight dehydration.

In addition, foods that contain carotenoids are also important as they protect the skin from the sun’s rays. From finally, avoid foods rich in fat and not very digestible but also alcoholic drinks. Let’s find out what to include in the anti-heat diet.

Here are the anti-heat foods to include in the diet

Typically summer foods range from salads to cold pasta, from fruit and its derivatives such as smoothies, smoothies, juices, fruit salads and so on. Not considering both raw and cooked vegetables.

anti-heat diet

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But also i ice creams as long as you know how to consume them in the right way and yoghurts, better opt for lean ones. Here you will find the features and how to choose them.

And if nutritionists are advised not to skip meals, on the other hand, even if hunger is low due to the heat, all that remains is to focus on fruit and vegetables, in this way you are certainly not mistaken. So let’s see what are the foods to be included in the anti-heat diet.

1) Fruits and vegetables. Among the foods that should therefore never be lacking in the anti-heat diet we find fruit and vegetables in first place. Whenever you need to have a snack, fruit can be a good option. Especially the summer one and zero kilometer even better, as it provides vitamins and mineral salts. Furthermore, by choosing fruits such as peaches, apricots, watermelons, melons, for example, we will also introduce a lot of water. Seasonal vegetables are also good, cucumber for example is very rich in water. But tomatoes are also excellent, typically summer or salads.

2) Carbohydrates for lunch. A plate of pasta for lunch, even better if wholemeal, seasoned with light sauces such as tomato-based both cooked and raw, but also with other vegetables can be an excellent solution. It does not weigh you down and in addition provides the necessary energy for the day. Cereal-based salads, such as spelled, barley and so on, are also good. Furthermore, if we do not follow a low-calorie diet, we can also insert a second course based on meat or fish cooked without fat and a side vegetable.

3) Light dinner. Better to have a fuller meal at noon than at 8pm. We will have more time to dispose of it. At dinner we can focus once again on vegetables, both raw and cooked and a portion of meat, fish or eggs cooked without fat. A barley or spelled salad is also good. But we avoid frying, slicing, grilling, and especially alcohol.

Finally, let’s not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, the recommended dose for an adult. And if we have lost a lot of fluids we should also drink a little more to avoid dehydration.

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