Anti-stress ring: principles, models, effectiveness

Anti-stress ring: principles, models, effectiveness

What is an anti-stress ring? How does it work? Is it really effective? What are the different types of rings that you can get? Insights with psychologist Cédric Daudon.

In what types of situations can wearing this type of ring be beneficial? Do these jewels only serve to reassure the wearer or do these rings have real virtues?

Anti-stress ring: definition

They are called anti-stress rings, spinner rings, anti-anxiety rings, relaxation rings or even meditation rings. Their mission: to divert our attention from a situation in our daily life that stresses us out to soothe us, calm us down and release tension. It could be a job interview, a romantic date or even an exam. How ? By performing a repetitive rotating movement that would help release tension and release our anxiety. In short, we turn it around our finger to find better emotional stability.

The different types of anti-stress rings

There are different models (for women and men), prices and brands of anti-stress rings. Most are removable to allow you to play with turning your jewelry (via a rotating creation) and at the same time soothe your mind.

  • The Thema Meditation Ring by designer Catherine Lestrat made and hallmarked in Israel. A quality handcrafted product made up of several movable rings, which can be turned (the ends are silver and fixed) to release your anxiety. The style of this anti-stress ring for women (available for delivery) is inspired by Tibetan prayer wheels.
  • From around 20 euros, you can treat yourself to a anti-anxiety ring from the brand’s collection Maginosa. This is a French brand considered the No. 1 store for anti-stress rings. Adjustable jewelry models, available in gold or silver plated. Well-being rings respecting the anchoring method.
  • The Colorful ball anti-stress ring from the brand Paulina in stainless steel and titanium. Price-wise, count on 29.90 euros for this rotating ring, both chic and (a little) magical thanks to its little colored rings that you can spin at will! Note that in addition to products for “women”, Pailena also offers a collection of rings for “men”, because stress affects all genders.
  • You will also find anti-stress rings among the products offered by Fidget Toys. Rings that will suit both women and men with more or less feminine/masculine designs and colors depending on your tastes and style and at very affordable prices.
  • Finally, the store Etsy lists a wide range of anti-stress rings (with beads, balls or composed of several rotating rings) of all styles and at all prices. So, will you go for a classic fidget ring (adjustable spinner), an anti-stress fidget ring with a pretty sun motif or even an anti-stress ring with a rotating stainless steel chain (all with free delivery and easily payable by Visa, Mastercard or even Paypal)? In any case, according to the opinions left by Internet users, these products seem to have won them over!

How to wear an anti-stress ring?

We wear it like a classic ring on one of the fingers of the hand, thumb, index, middle finger, where wearing this jewel seems most comfortable and prettiest. The anti-stress ring therefore most often offers a rotating effect thanks to one or more rotating components. Like an anti-stress bracelet made up of small balls to turn (most often the beads of these bracelets are made from a stone such as Amethyst or Rose Quartz, stones associated with virtues relaxing according to the lithography), this ring therefore allows its wearer to be more serene when handling it. The rotating anti-stress ring is therefore both practical and easy to use.

Anti-stress ring: what effects?

“Wearing this jewel every day will create a conditioningexplains cognitive psychologist Cédric Daudon ( “Everything depends on the belief, the anchoring, that we will bring to it”, he specifies. Nevertheless, “the fact of being able to turn your jewel will create on the eye a hypnotic, soothing, relaxing movementde-stressing”, he admits. Playing with this rotating ring on your finger can even help the person concentrate better and focus their attention. Furthermore, adds the psychologist, “the fact of being able to manipulate it, in the same way as you would squeeze an anti-stress ball, will lead to a action of meditation, mindfulness. Indeed, by doing so, we train ourselves to focus our mind in a precise place, at a precise moment – that is to say here and now, in the present moment. Gold, “the more you train your mind to be in the here and now, the more you fight effectively against anxious ruminations and negative thoughts, he reports. A practical piece of jewelry that is beneficial for our mental health. And, in addition to their Zen effect (reduction of anxiety) and contributing to better concentration, these rings would also have other virtues such as helping to stop biting your nails. Finally, as psychologist Catherine Hallissey pointed out to Stylist, “for some people, just wearing a ring can provide some comfortsimply by knowing that it is there”.