Anti-wrinkle gymnastics for the face: the face lift do it yourself

Do it yourself face lift

To firm up the skin of the face and apply expression lines, you know, the best cure is the creams, the scalpel and, if possible, a time machine to go back a few years ..

Discarding the first two hypotheses for budget problems and the last one for obvious reasons, doctors and specialists have recommended wrinkle gymnastics for the face for years. That if, performed consistently, it still guarantees appreciable results.

The latest news on the subject of anti-wrinkle gymnastics for the face is the one introduced by Yamuna Zake, body therapist and American yogi teacher. The novelty lies above all in the use of a special ball that helps to stretch the skin and revitalize the fabrics.

Here are some examples of exercises that you can safely do at home.

For the upper part of the face:
Place the ball just above the eyebrows (on the protrusion of the bone), press it precisely and prolonged, and then slowly drag it upwards. First in the center of the forehead, then on the sides. Repeat for 15-20 minutes

For the central area:
Place the ball on the side of the nasal septum, just above the upper part of the nostrils, press and slowly move over the cheekbone, outwards. Then the sphere is always positioned next to the septum but slightly below the lower part of the nostrils, and it is dragged upwards. Repeat for 5 minutes then switch to the other side of the face.

For the lower part of the face:
Place the ball on the jaw junction, on the protrusion of the bone and slowly drag downwards. Then we start from the point where we have just arrived, press and drag the sphere forward, along the bone of the jaw. While doing, hold the opposite side of the face with the other hand. Repeat for 5 minutes then switch to the other side of the face.

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